Tom Ziuko Writer / Artist / Penciller / Inker / Colorist / Letterer / Editor Composite ? N/A

Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Hero Comics Issue 2012 May, 2012


Issue Title Cover Date
Death Warmed Over Annual, 1989
Hero Comics Issue 2012 May, 2012
Death Warmed Over Annual, 1989
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 100 Project Artbook February, 2017
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 100 Project Issue Artbook (Hardcover) February, 2017
Giant-Size Avengers/Invaders Issue 1 June, 2008


Issue Title Cover Date
Im Feuer der Psycho-Waffe! Holiday, 1984
Überfall der Insekten-Monster Holiday, 1984
Überfall der Insekten-Monster Holiday, 1984
Überfall der Insekten-Monster Holiday, 1984
Superman - spurlos verschwunden! Holiday, 1985


Issue Title Cover Date
Joe Kubert, Creator & Mentor: A Tribute to the Comic Book Master July, 2013
Neal Adams' Odyssey Fall, 2013
The Comix Book Life of Denis Kitchen Spring, 2014
Russ Heath: The Long Trail Winter, 2014
Swampmen: Muck-Monsters and Their Makers November, 2014
Bernie Wrightson Winter, 2015
Michael Allred - Bob Burden Spring, 2015
The Energizing Art of Joe Staton Summer, 2015
Peter Bagge's World and Welcome to It
The Saga of Warp!
Fall, 2015
The Invention of Gil Kane Winter, 2016
Howard Cruse Spring, 2016
The Art of Michael W. Kaluta Fall, 2016
Kirby's Kingdom Spring, 2013
Kelley Jones Winter, 2017
Autos & Archosaurs: The Art of Mark Schultz Summer, 2017
Dean Haspiel & Dan Parent Interviews Winter, 2018
Woody's World Spring, 2018


Issue Title Cover Date
Danny Fingeroth's Write Now! Issue 4 May, 2003
Totally `80's February, 2004
A True Golden Age: DC Comics 1967-74 Spring, 1998
The Marvel Bullpen: 1970-77 Fall, 1999
1970s Marvelmania! February, 2000
Empire of Horror: The Warren Publishing Story Spring, 1999
Marvel's Second Wave: 1970-77 Summer, 1998
Comic Book Artist Issue 10 October, 2000
The Charlton Comics Story: 1945-1968 August, 2000
The Charlton Comics' Story, Part Two: 1972-1986 March, 2001
The Marvel Horrorshow! May, 2001
Vengeance, Inc.: The Atlas / Seaboard Story December, 2001
Marvel's Cosmic Comics of the `70s! | Fabulous Flo Steinberg & The 1960s Madcap Marvel Bullpen! February, 2002
Roy Thomas' Muck-Mired Comics Fanzine October, 2006
Halloween Issue October, 2004
Future Issue February, 2006
Weird Heroes! April, 2006
Unsung Heroes! December, 2006
Roy Thomas' Frank-ly Halloween Comics Fanzine | Roy Thomas' Breakthrough Comics Fanzine October, 2004
Superman Issue 1 December, 1990
Superman Issue 2 January, 1991
Superman Issue 3 February, 1991
Roy Thomas' `70s-Something Comics Fanzine July, 2007
Roy Thomas' Haunted Comics Fanzine October, 2009
Roy Thomas' Miraculous Comics Fanzine July, 2009
Collection Volume 2 June, 2002
The Comics Journal Issue 78 December, 1982
Man and Machine January, 1990
Family Feud May, 1991
Monkey See, Monkey Doom June, 1991
Roy Thomas' Legendary Comics Fanzine Summer, 2000
Home For the Holidays! January, 1990
Roy Thomas' Gift-Laden Comics Fanzine December, 2009
Shaking the Family Tree March, 1991
Roy Thomas' Code-Disapproved Comics Fanzine October, 2010
Kirby Goes to Hollywood! Fall, 2010
Alter Ego - The Comic Book Artist Collection TPB March, 2001
All Star Comics Archives * Volume 4 Holiday, 1998
The Best of the Legion Outpost November, 2004
Untold Stories February, 1991
Roy Thomas' Standard Comics Fanzine July, 2012
Roy Thomas' Thunderclap of a Comics Fanzine June, 2012
Roy Thomas' Bloodthirsty Comics Fanzine October, 2012
Garcia Lopez June, 1984
Comicology Issue 4 Summer, 2001
Roy Thomas' In-Depth Comics Fanzine March, 2013
Roy Thomas' Action-Hero Comics Fanzine December, 2011
Roy Thomas' Batty Comics Fanzine February, 2012
Roy Thomas' Marvel of a Comics Fanzine April, 2012
Roy Thomas' Star-Bedecked Comics Fanzine May, 2012


Issue Title Cover Date
The Superman Family Issue 210 September, 1981
A Fast Way to Die! January, 1983


Issue Title Cover Date
Book Three: Morning's End November, 1983
Book Two: A Choice of Dooms October, 1983
Book One: Stormy Passage September, 1983
Book Four: Look Homeward, Atom December, 1983
The Atom's Farewell Holiday, 1984
Sword of the Atom Special Vol. 1 Issue 2 Holiday, 1985
the arrival, Book One in the saga of Jemm, Son of Saturn September, 1984
Chapter Two: The Tunnel October, 1984
Chapter Three: Flashback (The Origin of Jemm) November, 1984
Chapter Four: The Hunting December, 1984
Return Flight February, 1985
Chapter 7: Firefight March, 1985
Chapter 8: The Rumor April, 1985
Chapter 9: Betrayal May, 1985
Chapter Ten: Rebirth June, 1985
Chapter 11: The Reckoning! July, 1985
Chapter Twelve: The Final Stand! August, 1985
Cat and Mouse June, 1983
Tangled Web July, 1983
Dark Journeys! August, 1983
Battlegrounds! September, 1983
Last Goodbyes October, 1983
First Light December, 1983
...and Into the Arms of Death! February, 1984
Maze August, 1991
Thicker Than Water April, 1990
Sick at Heart May, 1990
New Tricks August, 1990
Sundays are Different September, 1990
The Undiscovered Country... December, 1990
Boy's Games February, 1991
Man's Work January, 1991
The Hanged Man March, 1991
Fallen Women November, 1992
Nativity Infernal December, 1992
She's Buying a Stairway to Heaven January, 1993
Vertigo Jam Issue 1 August, 1993
Vertigo Jam Issue 1 August, 1993
Vertigo Jam Issue 1 August, 1993
The Power! September, 1991
Atari Force, Part One: Fresh Blood January, 1984
Thunder Road! August, 1993
Dead York City June, 1993
Kings of the Ruined Earth July, 1993
The Man at Earth's End! September, 1993
The Past is Always Present November, 1999
Martial L.A.W. December, 1999
To Serve and Protect January, 2000
The L.A.W. ....And Order February, 2000
Down Among the Underpinnings August, 1993