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Issue Title Cover Date
8th Blunder of the Wurld December, 2005
A Hard Day's Knight March, 2004
A Man For All Seasons November, 2004
Blackhands Down February, 2006
Boom! September, 2005
Can't Buy Me Hack August, 2003
Cool Hack Luke April, 2006
Enter the Tung May, 2003
Faster EverkNights! Kill! Kill! September, 2003
Fright Knight January, 2006
Hack the Slayer April, 2005
Hack to the Future March, 2005
HackCentennial February, 2005
HackMasters of the Universe November, 2005
Hailing Frequencies Open February, 2004
Hall of Famer, Baby! July, 2006
I Shall Fear No Stevil May, 2006
Indecent Possesion March, 2004
It's A Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left World July, 2002
It's a Small Wurld After All June, 2004
Jersey Devil Issue 5 Holiday, 1997
Knights of the Dinner Table: Everknights Issue 5 March, 2003
Last Knight In Town June, 2005
Monkeys on Mopeds April, 2004
New Wurld Order August, 2004