Vincent Joseph Colletta Artist / Penciller / Inker / Colorist / Editor

Birthplace: Casteldaccia, Italy Composite ? N/A
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Issue Title Cover Date
S`evader de la Zone Fantome! July, 1985
Beware the Stalker From the Stars! April, 1987
The Shocking Switch Of The Super-Sons! 1974
werde Wundergirl und... Sterbe! March, 1982
The Valiant Also Die! July, 1977
Blitzkrieg in Central Park! September, 1977
In the Shadow of Mangog! January, 1972
If Asgard Falls.. (JC Penney Catalog Reprint) Holiday, 1994
Ashes, Ashes... March, 1987
...All Fall Down April, 1987
Blood on the Tracks January, 1987
Power Struggle February, 1987
Secret Origin of Aquaman Holiday, 1980
Secret Origin of Hawkman Holiday, 1980
Secret Origin of Wonder Woman Holiday, 1980
Fear and Loathing in Montana July, 1982
The Emperor of Texas! December, 1982
The Mighty Thor Omnibus vol. 01 January, 2011
The Intruders September, 1967
I Created Brigadoom! The Mountain That Walked Like A Man! January, 1976
Hell... Hell is for Harry! October, 1981
Creel... and Inhuman Treatment! September, 1982
Out of the Past! October, 1982
The Sisterhood December, 1982
Alison Blaire This Is Your Life! November, 1982
Local Super Hero! November, 1985
The Twilight Heroes December, 1985
Trial... and Terror! March, 1982
The Mighty Thor Omnibus vol. 01 (Olivier Coipel Cover Variant) January, 2011
Young Love Issue 83 1970
And A Hydra New Year! April, 1975
Going Underground January, 1986
Revenge Rides the Range! April, 1978
Death from the Sea! June, 1973
One Wolf's Cure... Another's Poison September, 1974
The Murderer is a Maniac November, 1974
A Monster Called...Morbius October, 1975
Super Spider-Man Issue 161 March, 1976
The Super-Spectacles Swipe! (Whitman Edition) September, 1979
Book One: Beginnings September, 1989
Secrets of Haunted House Issue 5 1975
The Thin Black Line: Perspectives on Vince Colletta, Comics' Most Controversial Inker July, 2010
Star Brand Classic, vol. 1 October, 2006
Close Encounter December, 1986
Nightshade September, 1975
The Name Is Wonder Woman! (Whitman Cover) January, 1979
The Bridge To Nowhere - Return To Cybertron part 2 July, 1986
Mighty Comic Issue 103 Holiday, 1974
Death of a Prez! 1974
Death of a Prez! 1974