Will Jacobs Writer / Penciller / Inker

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
A New Girls February, 1990
All is Maya July, 1993
All That Glitters is Gold February, 1993
Ambush October, 1993
And For Girls,Too, A Bell Shall Toll May, 1989
Born of Man and Woman February, 1994
Born to be Girls! October, 1989
Boys and Girls Together February, 1988
Close Encounters of the Girls Kind March, 1991
Come Back, Little Girls! July, 1989
Comic Book Girls September, 1990
Comics Feature Issue 40 February, 1986
Deadly Liasons August, 1993
Eclipso Over London Annual, 1992
Eclipso Over London (Newsstand Edition) Annual, 1992
From Girls to Eternity July, 1990
Girls and Gals Together July, 1991
Girls at Home August, 1988
Girls at Play! January, 1991
Girls at Play! September, 1987
Girls Becomes a Man! March, 1991
Girls Becomes a Man! November, 1987
Girls In Love April, 1989
Girls in Outer Space! August, 1988
Girls of Darkness April, 1988


Issue Title Cover Date
Born to be Girls! October, 1989


Issue Title Cover Date
Born to be Girls! October, 1989