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Issue Title Cover Date
Nobody With Naturally Wavy Hair Can be that Bad July, 2007
Fighting Should Be Done With Fists September, 2007
If You're a Man, Try the Swordfish! November, 2007
Exaggerate the Tales of Your Exploits by a Third, so Everyone Has a Good Time January, 2008
Watch Out for Conveyor Belts! March, 2008
Some Things You Can't Cut With A Sword May, 2008
The Things You Care the Least About Are the Ones You Never Forget July, 2008
Just Slug Your Daughter's Boyfriend and Get It Over With September, 2008
Whatever You Play, Play to Win! November, 2008
Even an Inch-long Insect Has a Soul January, 2009
The Sun Rises Again March, 2009
Flower on the Precipice April, 2006
Night of Wijnruit December, 2006
Rie & Taeko October, 2007
I Won't Die October, 2005
Tears January, 2006
Ok, Let's Stand Up! April, 2006
The Longest Way Around Is the Shortest Way May, 2009
After All, Your Enemy of Yesterday is Still Your Enemy Today July, 2009
Oh, Baby, You Make It Hurt So Good A Song for Gin (by Sachan) September, 2009
The Best Makeup for Women is Their Smiles November, 2009
German Suplex Any Woman Who Asks, "Which is More Important, Me or Your Work? January, 2010
Only One Hour of Video Games per Day March, 2010
Men, Be Dorks May, 2010
A Schemer Gets Caught in His Own Scheme August, 2010
Summer Vacation is Best Before It Actually Begins November, 2010
Shinpachi’s List of Things I Learned During My Summer Vacation February, 2011
Kondo's Guide to Excellent Leadership May, 2011
Gin Tama vol. 23 August, 2011
Silver-eyed Slayer April, 2006
Darkness in Paradise June, 2006
Teresa of the Faint Smile August, 2006
Marked for Death October, 2006
The Slashers December, 2006
The Endless Gravestones February, 2007
Bleach Official Bootleg: Color Bleach+ nn August, 2010
Strawberry Shortcake Alert!! July, 2007
September 4: Part 2 January, 2007
Next Stop: Meteor City--The Junkyard of the World November, 2006
Daffodil November, 2004
Rose January, 2005
Poppy March, 2005
Absolute Boyfriend February, 2006
Absolute Boyfriend August, 2006