The Complete List of Halloween Comic Fest 2018 Releases

Halloween Comic Fest - Cover 2
(Photo: Halloween Comic Fest)

Today, October 27th, hundreds of comic book stores across North America will be participating in Halloween Comic Fest. Positioned about halfway through the yearlong wait for the next Free Comic Book Day, this event will provide readers everywhere with a chance to engage in a family friendly celebration of Halloween and pick up some very special treats: free comics!

Participating stores will be providing two different styles of comics, differentiated by being either full-size comics (i.e. the same format as pamphlets released every week by major publishers) or mini comics (i.e. a noticeably smaller format perfect for young readers). We’ve assembled a complete list of both styles of comics that will be available this weekend, and marked those that are intended for mature readers with an asterisk.

It’s important to remember that not all retailers participate in events like Halloween Comic Fest and Free Comic Book Day. You can follow this link to see which stores in your area will be sponsoring this giveaway and what other events they might be putting on in conjunction with it.

So get ready for your town’s Halloween Comic Fest and check out which free comics you might want to snag from the lists below!

Halloween Comic Fest - Junji Ito
(Photo: Viz Media)


*A Walk Through Hell #1 | Aftershock Comics

Aposimz Sampler | Vertical Comics

Aspen Comics Presents Aspen Mascots #1 | Aspen MLT Inc

Battle Angel Alita Homecoming | Kodansha Comics

*Danger Dolls Amalgama Lives | Action Lab - Danger Zone

Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe Genesis | American Mythology Productions

*Frankenstein Juni Ito | Viz Media

Goosebumps: Monsters at Midnight #1 | IDW Publishing

*Hellboy & The BPRD 1953: Phantom Hand & The Kelpie | Dark Horse Comics

Hilo: Boy Who Crashed To Earth Sampler | Random House Books

Howard Lovecraft: Kingdom of Madness | Arcana Studio

*John Constantine The Hellblazer #1 | DC Comics

*Jughead: The Hunger #1 | Archie Comic Publications

Lady Mechanika: Dama De La Muerte #1 | Benitez Productions

Monstrous: Three Monsters And A Baby One-Shot | Source Point Press

Ms. Marvel #1 | Marvel Comics

Princeless: Raven The Pirate Princess | Action Lab Entertainment

Shibuya Goldfish | Yen Press

Superior Spider-Man #1 | Marvel Comics

Thor: Road To War Of The Realms #1 | Marvel Comics

Windmaker: Birth Of A King | Youneek Studios

Witch Halloween | JY

Recommendations: Both the Hellboy short stories and Junji Ito’s version of Frankenstein are perfect picks for those that fall into the mature readers category, guaranteed to deliver some top-notch art and chilling monsters. For an all-ages audience, the new Goosebumps series will be a lot of fun and Ms. Marvel #1 should not be missed by any readers not already familiar with this great superhero series.

Halloween Comic Fest - Spookhouse
(Photo: Albatross Funnybooks)


Archie’s Madhouse Mayhem | Archie Comic Publications

Ghost Friends Forever Mini | Charm Z

Hollow Fields Sampler | Seven Seas

Johnny Boo & The Spooky Tree | Top Shelf

Nancy Drew Mini Comic | Dynamite

Over The Garden Wall | Cartoon Network

Rocky & Bullwinkle Adventures | American Mythology Productions

Splatoon Mini Comic | Viz Media

Spookhouse Sampler Mini Comic | Albatross Funny Books

TMNT: Rise of the TMNT | IDW Publishing

Vamplets Undead Pet Society | Action Lab Entertainment


Zo Zo Zombie Mini Comic | JY

Recommendations: Eric Powell, best known for The Goon, will deliver one of the best-drawn mini comics in the Spookhouse Sampler. The new Johnny Boo story is bound to delight children and adults alike, building on James Kochalka’s long line of madcap all-ages stories with a ghostly main character who is far more charming than spooky.