Dark Horse is Launching a Little Mermaid Comic Based on the Disney Animated Movie

Dark Horse Comics is expanding its Disney Princess line with a new miniseries set in the world of The Little Mermaid, the company announced today. The title will launch in October, and the timing could not be more perfect: fans of the property have been buzzing for weeks as news has trickled in about the forthcoming live-action reimagining of the Disney animated classic, which will star Halle Bailey as Ariel, Melissa McCarthy as Ursula, and comes from filmmaker Rob Marshall.

From the writer of Dark Horse’s recent Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cecil Castellucci, artist Zulema Scotto Lavina, and colorist Piky Hamilton, experience the unforgettable tale of Disney’s The Little Mermaid through the inner voice of Ariel herself!

Ariel’s fascination with the human world takes a dangerous turn when she falls in love with a human prince. Determined to be part of his world, Ariel sets off on an adventure of self-discovery and friendship. In Disney The Little Mermaid, experience the journey through Ariel’s first-person perspective in this new comic retelling of the Disney classic!

(Photo: Dark Horse Comics)

Disney's The Little Mermaid #1 (of 3) arrives in comic shops on October 16, 2019, and is available for preorder now at your local comic shop.

Marshall is excited to update the film for a new generation and the director previously spoke to ComicBook about adding new musical numbers to the classic soundtrack.

“There are things I’ve learned about how you have to work to integrate songs into story, and how it has to feel earned. It can’t just be sort of put there, placed there, because you feel there should be a song,” Marshall said.

“It has to be a song that’s earned, that takes you there. And so as we’re working on, in a way, fleshing out The Little Mermaid — Ariel has one song in the animated film — and so we’re looking for maybe more material.”


Of course Marshall will be joined by Disney fan-favorite songwriter Alan Menken, who also recently updated the soundtracks for the remakes of Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. Menken will be joined by one of Marshall's latest collaborators, with Hamilton scribe and Mary Poppins Returns star Lin-Manuel Miranda continuing his partnership with Walt Disney Studios.

Disney has not yet dated its live-action re-imagining of The Little Mermaid. Marshall previously confirmed with ComicBook.com the film will feature a mix of original and new music penned by Lin-Manuel Miranda and the returning Alan Menken.