Injustice 2 New Finishing Moves Discussed

One of the big announcements before E3 was NetherRealm Studio's sequel Injustice: Gods Among Us 2, which not only includes additions to the gameplay, but also some new characters.

During a chat with Ed Boon during DC All Access, the Mortal Kombat guru spoke about the new lineup revealed thus far, and why they're excited to play with some new characters.

“The recent gameplay trailer that we released showed gameplay for uh, Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd, and Supergirl, as well as three other returning characters: Superman, Batman, and Aquaman, so it's so exciting because you know some of the characters that we couldn’t get to in the first Injustice game that we were dying to put into the game, we were finally able to do it and so that’s a huge thing, so we can’t wait for people to play such a diverse set of characters."


Another big part of the trailer was its emphasis on changing and upgrading armor, which he touched on as well.

“Yeah well this game is all about player customization, and so we’re going to learn a lot of details at E3, but it is about custom pieces that actually help your character and so the variety of ways that they do them is really cool. You know, so like you see Batman in our graphics with the kryptonite gauntlets. How else is he going to fight against Superman? So yeah there’s a variety of things that they can kind of upgrade in the game that really makes this game like um, so much different than any other fighting game, and certainly a lot different than the first Injustice.”

A big part of the previous Injustice was its focus on over the top finishing moves, including things like getting run over by the Batmobile, getting punched through a planet, and taking a bazooka at close range. Boon discussed their goals for the new Injustice, and it doesn't stray too far from the previous formula.

“Well uh, we’re not going to have, like Fatalities, like Mortal Kombat did, but we will certainly have the crazy over the top super moves and they're better in this game than they were in the last one ya know. We saw pieces of them in the recently released trailer, and um, they are just as outrageous, more outrageous, than the last game.”

He specifically spotlights Aquaman's new finishing move, which again involves using the sea to his advantage.

“The Aquaman one was one of the big ones from Injustice 1, and it had that big shark that came out and grabbed the opponent and this one blows that one away so that one, that one we’re really excited about. Batman’s is way bigger in scale you know Superman is always big in scale, even bigger in this one. In this one he kind of juggles the character by several miles of punching, so its really cool.”

Injustice 2 will be releasing for PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2017.