Mark Hamill Says Batman: The Killing Joke Will Not Be His Last Time As The Joker

(Photo: WB Animation)

The iconic Batman villain known as The Joker has received a number of brilliant performances on the big screen, and many are anticipating Jared Leto's turn in the upcoming Suicide Squad to be fantastic as well.

Still, for many fans, there will always be one true Joker, and that's Mark Hamill's recreation of the character in DC's animated shows, films, and games like Rocksteady's Arkham series. At one point the rumor was making the rounds that he was retiring from the role, but when DC announced they were planning on finally making their animated take on Alan Moore's classic The Killing Joke, Hamill eagerly hoped he would be called upon for a role reprisal.

Luckily for fans both Hamill and longtime Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy returned to work on the film, and expectations are high. With every Joker project that comes along, though, fans worry that Hamill will make it his last time in the part. Recently a fan asked Hamill on Twitter if this was his last go-round with the character.

"@HamillHimself Was the killing joke the last time you'll do the Joker??? Please say no."

Good news. He said exactly that. While the Arkham series appears finished, DC shows no sign of ending its successful run of animated comic translations, so there is always an opportunity for the talented actor to resurface in the role. In the meantime, the actor is keeping busy with that other franchise of his, as he has just finished his work on Star Wars: Episode VIII.