CBS Still Interested In Superhero TV Shows

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

CBS made news earlier this year when instead of renewing the popular Supergirl for a second season, they decided to give the show to their sister network, The CW.

While CBS is one of the most successful and watched TV networks, many saw this as a positive rather than a negative, since The CW is already the home of three other DC properties in Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Now Supergirl can crossover at will with the other shows in the lineup, though she already did meet Barry Allen during a crossover in the first season.

Even though they decided to ship Supergirl to another network, CBS isn't saying no to superhero shows in any way, at least according to CBS Entertainment President Glenn Gellar (via Polygon). At a recent keynote speech at the Television Critics Association, he touched on the genre a bit, saying that the days of just "buying a property and hoping for the best" are well behind them.

"If we heard the right superhero pitch and we thought it was right for us, we would absolutely buy it," Geller said. "We haven't heard anything along those lines as of right now."

So, the door is open at CBS for future comic properties, but it wouldn't be surprising to see the network take their time before stepping into the superhero pool once again. As for Supergirl, it returns for its second season on October 10th.