The Flash Season 3 Premiere: The Rival Confronts Kid-Flash In New Clip

As we get even closer to the season three premiere of The Flash, CW has released a new clip to tease a little more of the episode.

The premiere is titled Flashpoint, and it shows the effects of Barry's decision to alter time, and save his mother, at the end of last season. He now lives in an alternate version of Central City, where he has never been The Flash. Instead, Wally West, whom we have known as Kid Flash, has taken on the mantle.

In this clip, Barry is tracking down two other metahumans with super-speed abilities. The two lightning bolts stop in the middle of an intersection, and Kid Flash and The Rival square off.

Wally has clearly established himself as The Flash in this universe; even the police refer to him as such. After a bit of dialogue, The Rival has a bit of a tantrum, and basically tells Wally that he's after Central City because its people don't believe in his power.

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 2.21.17 PM
(Photo: CW)

Barry stands by watching as The Rival begins destroying the area around him. As a bolt of lightning heads toward Barry, Wally speeds over to save him. The two have a nice moment, and Barry refers to Wally as Flash, cementing his place in this alternate world.

The first thing to notice in this clip is the constant movement of Wally's face. At first glance, his head may seem blurry, but it's because it doesn't stop moving the entire time. This occurs as a result of Wally moving at high speeds, but it is also a nod to a great DC comic from the past.

In Kingdom Come, by Mark Waid, the Justice League characters are older, and in a dystopian future. The Flash has been moving so fast, for so long, that he is in a state of constant motion. His appearance is blurry and transluscent, as if he was never actually standing still.

The second thing to take from the clip, is Barry's acceptance with the world he has created. In this life, his mother is still alive and his father is a free man. When he sees Wally fighting crime, and succeeding, he realizes that he doesn't need to be The Flash anymore. He can sit by and relax for the first time in a long time.

Barry's attitude is slightly reminiscent of Clark Kent's role in New 52 comics. Since there was another Superman present, Clark decided he could retire with Lois, and their newborn son, and just keep an eye on humanity.

Obviously, Barry's contentment won't last long, and he will have to find his way back to the reality he knows.

The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 4 at 8pm ET on CW.

Following the Season 3 premiere of The Flash, will premiere its all new interactive after show series, Flashback, with special guest Teddy Sears. For more information on where to watch Flashback, click here!