The Flash Recap With Spoilers: Shade

Tonight's episode of The Flash "Shade" starts with a running sequence of Wally West as Kid Flash that turned out to be a dream.

Wally tells Joe about his dreams as a speedster, but Joe is worried that Doctor Alchemy is messing with his mind. On the other hand Wally thinks he is gaining powers.

Back at Central City PD Barry and Julian are in the lab investigating another husk, when Cecille pops in to assign Barry to the metahuman team full time.

Cecille also flirts with Joe and they plan a movie night. Joe talks to Barry about Wally's Kid Flash dreams and they both determine that he's in trouble.

Meanwhile at STAR labs, hipster Wells is trying to win over Caitlyn and Cicsco, by suggesting to reopen STAR Labs as a museum, using him as the face of the new attraction.

The finally break it to hipster Wells that his face is well-known as a murderer and he really shouldn't step foot outside the lab.

Back at the West residence, Barry comes clean with Wally, telling him that in the Flashpoint timeline he was a speedster fighting The Rival, but he had no help and was in danger.

No matter what Joe and Barry say, Wally is set on being Kid Flash and he will do anything to make it happen. He accuses Joe of not trusting him enough to let him be a speedster. Sadly, Wally leaves the room in tears.

Cut to a random unsuspecting Wall Street type businessman discussing trades and such on his cell phone when a HUGE SHADOW MAN appears out of thin air and GRABS HIS THROAT!

Barry and Julian are on the scene the next morning, where witnesses are saying that the victim was crushed by a huge shadow man.

Barry reaches out to Julian and invites him to family movie night. Julian declines and acts like they didn't decide to be best friends after The Flash saved his life from the hacker kid.


Where is Wally? Joe doesn't know where he is and neither does Barry!

Back at STAR Labs, hipster Wells appears with a completely different FACE! Cisco takes the face changer gadget and says he is keeping it until he gets the metahuman cuffs back that hipster Wells stole from him.

Back in the coretex, Barry tells Team Flash about the shadow man. Hipster Wells explains that on his planet a meta named SHADE was able to move so quickly he looked like a shadow.

Barry explains to the team that he needs to focus on Wally, so he asks Cisco to take care of the SHADE problem.

In that moment Wally walks into Central PD and talks to Joe, who explains that he is nervous about Wally getting his speed and he doesn't trust what's happening to him.

Wally says he understands but he has AN ATTACK of memories flooding his brain falls to the ground.

Back at STAR Labs, Caitlyn reveals to Cisco that she is starting to become Killer Frost again and tells him how afraid she is. She asks him to VIBE into the future for her so she knows if she will be bad or good.


Cisco does just that and sees a cold scene of Killer Frost in a battle, but instead of telling Caitlyn what he really saw...HE LIES TO HER and says he didn't see a thing.

Caitlyn checks out Wally to make sure he is ok and his vitals are fine. Wally says he had visions of The Rival chasing him and Barry confirms they are memories from the Flashpoint timeline. All are afraid that Doctor Alchemy is behind this!

Barry volunteers to stay behind with Wally at the lab, whie the rest of the crew heads to family movie night to see The Shining, including Cecille and fake-face Wells.

Caitlyn notices that Cisco is acting strange since he vibed, and he tells her that he saw the both of them fighting each other in his future vision and he pleads with her to tell the rest of Team Flash.

Meanwhile Joe and Cecille are getting all sorts of cute together at the outdoor movie. YEAH JOE! Go for it!

Back at STAR labs, Barry and Iris are keeping an eye on Wally, who is locked up to keep him safe. Iris explains how hard it is to be a bystander when all you want to do is help people.

Barry looks her in the eye with a big smile and says, "no matter what you think, there is no Flash without Iris West." WINK

Back at the movie fake-face Wells is crossing the line with Cecille with some flirty touches when all of a sudden SHADE appears in front of the screen!

(Photo: The CW/Warner Bros. TV)

Joe yells for everyone to move out of the way! Meanwhile Doctor Alchemy is talking to Wally through is own mind saying, "THE TIME HAS COME TO SET YOU FREE!"

Don't listen to him Wally! He's going to hurt you!

NO! Wally is being physically attacked in his cell. Iris tells him he needs to fight through the dream. Doctor Alchemy is yelling in his ears and scratching his name on the glass.

Wally screams, "OPEN THE DOOR!"

The Flash shows up to try to catch SHADE, which breaks out into a massive battle. The rest of the gang jumps into the van to turn on the overhead lights.


Shade disintegrates into a human an Barry puts the cuffs on him.

Wally is still being attacked screaming to be released. Iris opens the door and he throws her to the side. Iris has to punch him in the face to stop him from running out of the lab.

Wally is safe and sound back in the cell. Team Flash figures out that SHADE must have been sent by Doctor Alchemy as a trick.

Meanwhile Cisco pushes Caitlyn to tell the rest of the team that she is turning into Killer Frost. He tells the team about the future vision and Barry leaves the room to comfort Caitlyn.

Caitlyn is very upset and can't believe what is happening to her. Barry again blames himself because he made the mistake of creating Flashpoint, "No matter what I do, everything is different."

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Wally wakes up and tells everyone that Doctor Alchemy is speaking to him and wants him to come find him, when another ATTACK STRIKES!

Wally is having a real hard time, they give him a sedative to help him calm down. Joe and Barry decided to listen to Wally and use him to find Doctor Alchemy.

Joe suits up with the rest of the CCPD SWAT squad and gets everyone ready for the plan. Wally is nervous, but ready to help find Doctor Alchemy.

Caitlyn apologizes for being angry with Cisco for spilling the Killer Frost beans. He reminds her that, "when it comes to the impossible, we're the experts."

The team moves into an abandoned subway area where Doctor Alchemy is hiding. He is still directing Wally to come to him.

Wally is trying to lead the way and The Flash tells him, "it's ok to be scared, let's do this."

He walks into a creepy dark room where hooded figures are bowing on the ground...

"Hello Wally," Doctor Alchemy says.

He asks him if he wants the life he wishes for to return.

Doctor Alchemy is TAKING OUT THE FLASH! OH NO! Barry is in trouble! Joe enters with his team and screams, "Get on the GROUND!"

(Photo: The CW)

They tell Doctor Alchemy that it's over, but he says, "You have no idea what's about to begin."

Barry is seeing visions of a speedster in the room that no one else can see. The speeding white streak takes out all of the police and Wally picks up a rock that turns him into a stone pillar.

The white streak stops, showing his mettalic silver face, clutches Barry by the throat and lifts him to the cieling.

"Who are you!" Barry yells.

"SAVITAR," the speedster replies.

CW's The FlashWednesday at 8PM on CW

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