Patty Jenkins Stresses 'Wonder Woman' Isn't A Chick Flick

The phrase ‘chick flick’ has gotten a bad reputation. There are plenty of female-led romances out there that stand up to even the harshest critics, but that doesn’t mean all films with female leads are chick flicks. Just because a movie has a female protagonist does not mean it’s meant just for women, and Patty Jenkins wants to make that clear to Wonder Woman skeptics.

Earlier this year, Wonder Woman debuted to rave reviews from fans and critics. The film, which made bank at the box office, still has some moviegoers holding out on it thanks to its perceived chick flick status. However, the film’s director recently stressed why Wonder Woman does not fall under that label during Vanity Fair’s New Establishment summit.

“A movie about a woman doesn’t make it a ‘woman’ movie,” Jenkins told the press (via Variety). “‘Wonder Woman’ was about being a hero.”

When Jenkins was asked about the film’s inclusion of diversity, the director said the topic was still a conversation which Hollywood has to have.

“It’s a conversation that has to be had,” Jenkins said. “It’s less about observing diversity than it is about acknowledging that we are a very diverse world.”

When it comes to Jenkins’ own films, the director said she isn’t forcing herself to make movies about female protagonists. Her main works today amy center around female-led stories like fans saw with Monster, but Jenkins said she chooses her projects based on quality.

“I want to make great films about life experiences and they may have female leads,” Jenkins explained.

The director may not have intended to build her career around female-led films, but Jenkins has made a lucrative job of it. Earlier this year, reports confirmed Jenkins signed on to direct Wonder Woman 2 after a lengthy negotiation process with Warner Bros. The director's new contract is expected to make Jenkins the highest-paid female director of all-time thanks to the overwhelming success Wonder Woman experienced this year.

Wonder Woman currently has an 84.52 Composite Score, the eighth-highest Composite Score for a comic book movie. The film also has a 4.23 out of 5 User Rating, making it the fifth highest rated comic book ever among users. Let us know what you thought of Wonder Woman by giving the film your own personal User Rating below. Wonder Woman is still playing in theaters.

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