JK Simmons Opens Up About His Future With 'The Batman'

The Batman solo film has been surrounded by uncertainty and rumor for months, but the upcoming film's Commissioner Gordon is optimistic about his future -- as well as Ben Affleck's -- in the movie.

J.K. Simmons, who is set to play Gordon in The Batman and as well as in Justice League, told Red Carpet News at London's Raindance Film Festival that he's looking forward to working with Affleck again. You can check it out in the clip above.

"I worked with Ben a couple of years ago on The Accountant and I met him years before that," Simmons said. "I'm excited to work with him and hope to work with him on the other side of the camera at some point as well."

Affleck had previously been set to direct The Batman before suddenly stepping down from directorial duties. While Affleck is still starring in the film, the director shakeup also led to work on the project starting completely from scratch. Matt Reeves, who was brought in to direct the project after Affleck stepped down, revealed that he started over on a new script. The film is now rumored to start production next summer.

With The Batman still fairly far off, fans of Commissioner Gordon might want to make sure they are paying close attention when the Justice League opens next month. Simmons also revealed that his role in the superhero film is just the briefest of introductions to the character.

"Commissioner Gordon, my incarnation of Commissioner Gordon, in the first Justice League movie of what we hope will be a handful is a kind of don't blink or you'll miss it introduction of the character," Simmons said.

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Justice League opens in theaters November 17, 2017.

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