Gal Gadot Teases Laughter And Playful Banter In Justice League

Justice League seems to have learned a valuable lesson from the DC films that came before, including some extremely timely ones from Wonder Woman.

Those lessons have been much discussed over the past few months, but Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot says they have paid off in huge ways, ways that should make fans extremely happy.

"The goal of the team is intense - they have to save the world, after all - but the humor that comes into it from all of these characters trying to work together, some of them with more experience, some with essentially none, results in a lot of laughter and playful banter that I believe audiences will really enjoy," Gadot told Geek Magazine.

Even when the earth is about to be destroyed, you have to lighten the mood a bit, and Justice League seems to understand that. That's why slowly but surely the tide is turning on perceptions of the film, with the footage at San Diego Comic Con last year kicking off the charge. Suddenly Batman had a personality, and sarcasm and humor was part of the team's dynamic. The heroes started to feel like real characters, as opposed to brooding untouchable monoliths.

Plenty of that banter will be between Wonder Woman and Batman, the two founding members of the Justice League. Superman's sacrifice hit them in a much different way than most of the world, and the two have formed a unique friendship in the months following that battle.

It makes sense then that Wonder Woman will play a big part in Justice League, but the real-life Wonder Woman film also helped Justice League in its own way. The unbridled success of the film created some momentum for the universe, one that has struggled to find the right mix of dark tone and humor.

“It maybe takes a bit of pressure off of this movie in terms of needing to define the DC Universe,” Affleck told Empire. “It doesn’t feel like the whole world is riding on our shoulders so much.”

Justice League still has pressure of course, but thanks to Wonder Woman it doesn't have to be the linchpin to make the universe work, and that's good news for everyone involved. The cast and fans alike are hopeful that Justice League will be another big step in the right direction.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17.

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