New 'Justice League' Footage Shows Atlantis Soldier Armor

Justice League has been revealing more and more as its final marketing campaign kicks into gear, and today we have a new image that reveals elements of not only Justice League, but the upcoming Aquaman movie as well!

Specifically, we get a look at the design for a soldier in the army of Atlantis, the undersea kingdom where Aquaman is king. Check out that image below.

Justice League Atlantis Soldier

This look at the Atlantean army comes as part of the Gillette Razor's Justice League promotional campaign. Check out the video above for more new looks at other characters like Batman (Ben Affleck) and The Flash (Ezra Miller), though nothing nearly as revelatory as the insight into Atlantean warfare.

Justice League will introduce Atlantis as one of three locations on Earth that villain Steppenwolf comes to looking for The Mother Boxes, living computers from the planet Apokoplips that have a variety of potential powers and (mis-)uses. Some previous footage reveals that the Atlantean army will definitely get a workout when Steppenwolf comes to Atlantis for their Mother Box.

Justice League will be in theaters on November 17th.

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