This Wonder Woman Cosplayer Could Be Gal Gadot's Twin

The world of cosplay is a large one, but there are some fans who take it to another level. Alyson Tabbitha is one of those women, and her recent cosplay of Wonder Woman has the Internet convinced she is Gal Gadot’s long-lost twin.

Over on Twitter, the DC fandom started buzzing about Gadot’s “sister” when Tabbitha posted a photo of her cosplay of Wonder Woman. As you can see below, the fan has a picture of herself as she normally looks to the left while her cosplay selfie is on the right.

Clearly, Tabbitha nailed the look.

Having done her own makeup, the fan managed to contour her features and steal a bit of Gadot’s very own body langauge to complete the look. Not only if Tabbitha’s costume on point, but it is her expressions which make the look. Even the fan’s hair is curled perfectly!

Tabbitha’s Wonder Woman cosplay has got the fandom shook, but the fan is known for more than just her DC looks. The cosplayer has shared photos of her other looks from Fifth Element, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Star Wars, and more.

For Gadot, it might be surprising to see a double of herself in the cosplayer, but the Wonder Woman star has embraced everything that has come with her acclaimed role. Earlier this year, the actress spoke with Jimmy Fallon about the her record-breaking performance, and she said she’s been blown away by the support fans have given the DC icon.

"Honestly, it's been beyond what we've all expected and we had many expectations for the movie," Gadot explained. "But just, you know, there's so much for this character and people care so much for her. It's been incredible."

Justice League is set to hit theaters on November 17, 2017.

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