Who Died on 'Gotham'?

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Thursday's episode of Gotham! Read at your own risk...

With Ra's al Ghul hunting down his sacred knife, danger is lurking in the streets of Gotham. With a man that dangerous on the loose, there was no way the episode was going to conclude without at least one meaningful death.

Last time Ra's was on Gotham, he killed Alfred, but quickly showed Bruce how to resurrect him in the Lazarus Pit. Unfortunately, a couple of characters weren't as lucky this time around.

In his pursuit of the knife, Ra's al Ghul snapped the neck of Dr. Niles Winthrop, who worked at the museum. Along with Winthrop's grandson, Alex, Bruce ran off with the knife, trying escape al Ghul.

Sadly, al Ghul caught the young Alex and gave Bruce an ultimatum. If Bruce handed over the knife, he would hand over Alex. Bruce didn't budge, and Ra's killed Alex.

Alex and Niles certainly weren't big characters to this point, but they still served a purpose in the life of Bruce Wayne.

Gotham airs on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.