'Gotham' Promo Shares First Look at Solomon Grundy

WARNING: Gotham spoilers ahead! Continue reading at your own risk...

Last week, we reported that Solomon Grundy would make his debut on the October 19 episode of Gotham. Thankfully, Fox wanted to give everyone a little tease, and the character appeared at the end of the promo for next Thursday's episode.

As the promo comes to a close, Solomon Grundy was shown in two brief shots. First, a close-up of Grundy's eyes popped up on the screen, and you watched them open back to life. Next, viewers saw the back of Grundy as he walked through what looks to be Slaughter Swamp, staring down the city of Gotham.

If you recall, the Season 3 finale of Gotham showed that Butch's real name was Cyrus Gold, hinting that he would actually turn into Solomon Grundy. Over the course of the summer, during many interviews and conventions, producers confirmed that Grundy was on the way.

Grundy will make his full debut on next week's episode titled, "The Blade's Path."

Gotham airs on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on Fox.