Marvel's Kevin Feige Praises DC Films

Everyone knows about the friendly rivalry between DC Comics and Marvel, and now that competition has dominated movie theaters.

But while the fans can get a little volatile in expressing their opinions over which is better, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed that he’s a fan of the new direction of DC Films.

While speaking with Heroic Hollywood about what DC Films could learn from Marvel Studios’ success, Feige had a positive response.

“I don’t know. I’m not one to bestow advice onto others,” said Feige. “I think you can look at what they did with Wonder Woman and they’ve figured that out. I’ve got great confidence in Geoff Johns over there and now Joss Whedon helping them out that just makes me excited as a fan to see what’s next.”

Many people are considering Wonder Woman the turning point for the DC cinematic universe and are hopeful they can build off of that success. Feige seems to recognize that films importance.

And it doesn’t sound like the Marvel Studios boss harbors any ill will toward Whedon for “jumping ship,” taking over the Justice League movie from director Zack Snyder as well as planning his own movie focused on Batgirl.

Feige also recognizes the importance of Johns increased role in the film division, especially since the two are old friends. They both used to work for Superman director Richard Donner, and Feige even attended his first San Diego Comic-Con alongside Johns.

Though Feige downplayed his own influence and talked up DC’s current direction, there’s no denying the impact Marvel Studios has had throughout Hollywood.

It seems like every major company is attempting to establish their own shared universe, not content with simple spinoffs, prequels, and reboots any longer. Marvel Studios created the blueprint to make it happen, and it appears as if Warner Bros. is following suit.

Before they were content in allowing individual characters to exist as their own franchises, like the Superman, Batman, and Dark Knight movies. But now they’re getting in on the shared universe action. We’ll see if it pays off when the culmination of their plans in Justice League finally hits theaters.

Marvel’s next film, Thor: Ragnarok, premieres November 3.

Thor: Ragnarok2017

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Justice League premieres November 17.

Thor: Ragnarok2017

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