New Justice League Behind-The-Scenes Photo Reveals DC Comics City Location

Justice League will bring the biggest heroes of the DC Universe to the big screen, but it will also bring some of the most iconic locations with it.

Joss Whedon is currently finishing up the anticipated film, but the majority of the project was helmed by Zack Snyder. Snyder left the film due to a personal tragedy in his family, but in recent days he's been more interactive on social media again and shared a behind the scenes photo that teases the Flash's hometown Central City (via Reddit).

Snyder can be seen eyeing a road sign that reads City Limit Central City, Pop. 1,395,600. Central City of course is the city that The Flash protects, and while it probably won't be a big part of Justice League, it is nice to know that parts of it will be seen.

The best part of the picture though is the sign underneath the Central City sign that reads "Reduced Speed Ahead." Because, you know, the Flash...get it?

(Photo: Zack Snyder)

You can see the image above.

Batman will at least be in Central City for one sequence in the film. When Batman goes to recruit the Flash, he goes to Allen's home and waits for him, resulting in one of the highlights from the early trailers.

As for when the Flash is in costume, the movie suit features some practical enhancements that take super speed into account. Well, as much as you actually can take super speed into account. Costume designer Michael Wilkinson revealed one aspect of that research, which focused on Olympic athletes.

"When we did research for Flash we definitely looked at speed suits, Olympic athletes, what people were wearing when they needed to move super-fast, the fastest people of Earth what they were wearing as well as looking into materials that would withstand electricity, withstand high heats, so we did all sorts of electric research," Wilkinson said.

Fans can see more of Central City and The Flash when Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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