Zack Snyder Ready For Battle In New 'Justice League' Behind-The-Scenes Photo

As the release date for Justice League rapidly approaches, director Zack Snyder has begun providing some behind-the-scenes glimpses at his process making the movie.

The latest photo posted to his VERO account shows Snyder brandishing a bow in front of a green screen. He appears to be posing, guiding an actor (or actors) for a shot in the film, as evidenced by the Amazon standing out of focus in the background.

Check out the photo below!

NEWS:Zack Snyder posts new JL photo featuring the goat from DC_Cinematic

Snyder has been working in the DC Cinematic Universe ever since it’s current incarnation began, establishing the world with Man of Steel. Though he’s only directed three films thus far, his work established the tone and aesthetic of the greater franchise, extending into Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman.

Fans will get to see his latest film and the culmination to his arc in Justice League, which picks up where the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice left off.

It looks like Snyder is having fun building off of the elements of Patty Jenkins’ own movie, as she established the world of the Amazons and Themyscira in Wonder Woman.

Justice League is rumored to heavily feature the Amazons in both the present day and flashback scenes. We’ve already seen Connie Nielsen in the trailers for the new movie, confirming her presence, and other reports state that Robin Wright will return as Antiope.

Given that character’s unfortunate fate in Wonder Woman, it’s likely her role will pop up in the aforementioned flashback.

Snyder could be on the set for one of those flashbacks in this photo, as we’ve seen glimpses of the Amazons going to war with the forces of Apokalips. The rumors suggest the Amazons team up with Atlanteans and humans in the movie, leading the three different factions to separate three different Mother Boxes across the world.

We know that Steppenwolf has lead an army of Parademons to Earth in order to obtain the powerful items, but how were they stopped before?

We will learn more about Justice League as the movie gears up for release on November 17.

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