Exclusive: Barbara Calls it Quits in New 'Gotham' Clip

Barbara has been absent from Gotham for a couple weeks, following the surprising death of her lover, Ra's al Ghul. Fortunately, she will be making a return in tonight's episode, though the circumstances aren't exactly what she'd hoped.

In this exclusive clip from "A Dark Knight: A Day in the Narrows," which you can watch above, Barbara parts ways with her two closest allies.

Ra's brought Barbara back to life, following her death at the hands of Tabitha. In exchange for her resurrection, Barbara agreed to be his eyes and ears around Gotham, gaining information about the criminals in the city while selling them high-quality weapons. Somewhere along the way, the two began a relationship.

Now that al Ghul is gone, Barbara has decided to close up the shop and move on. Of course, now she's running into a hurdle when it comes to Selina and Tabitha. Barbara recruited the two other women to help her spy on Gotham's underworld, and they're not happy being kicked to the curb.

It's clear that Barbara was just using Selina and Tabitha the entire time.

See how the rest of the story plays out on Gotham when the new episode airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

GothamThursday at 8PM on FOX

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