Ray Fisher Describes His Cyborg Workout for 'Justice League'

Though you can't see it in Justice League, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher whipped himself into incredible shape for the new DC Comics film.

The New Jersey native realized from the beginning his physique would be entirely computerized when Justice League rolled around as his character's body was replaced with a machine in his father's efforts to revive him. It didn't stop him, however, from turning himself into the closest thing to a machine that's humanly possible.

"They turned me into a little monster," Fisher said of trainers during an interview with ComicBook.com at a recent London event. "I felt like I was outside of my own body, which helped for the character, too. It's got that armor and while I don't have a practical suit on, I felt like I had a flesh suit on underneath the CGI."

The confidence boost is part of what helped Fisher portray a character who was a stud athlete in high school, only to be discovering all sorts of new abilities with his new body in Justice League.

"A lot of people make jokes to me, 'Man, you did all this training and we can't even see you in the movie,'" Fisher said. "I was like, 'There are bits of Victor Stone, just being able to get into that mindset and there's certain shots that you've seen and certain ones that you'll probably see later on, down the line where he is still a human being.' And to be able to have that body type to play an all-start college quarterback, you've got to try to look the part."

In order to look the part, Fisher put in a tremendous amount of work. He transformed himself from a 190-pound stature to a 223-pound fitness monster. "I was in the gym two hours a day, five days a week," Fisher said. "There was a lot of heavy lifting. The food, I think, was the hardest part, for sure. I'm usually good at sleeping, sleeping is absolutely essentially if you want to see any sort of gain like that. But diet is maybe 90 percent of it, maybe 95 percent."

The Cyborg workout plan: work heavy, sleep hard, eat clean, repeat.

Fisher's Cyborg will be seen in Justice League when it hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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