IT (Pennywise) vs. Joker Fan Video is Crazy Bloody Fun

Earlier this fall, we shared an entertaining little fan video, which featured Batman nemesis The Joker vs. Pennywise The Clown from Stephen King's IT.

That first video was just a teaser of the larger concept, and as you can see above, the team over at Mighty Raccoon has fleshed out the "IT vs. Joker" concept into a full-fledged fight sequence!

This "Battle of the Clowns" fan film uses 3D CGI models like you'd see in a video game - with the Batman Arkham games being a clear inspiration for Joker. However, the visual aesthetics aside, what really makes or breaks this video is nailing the bloody and insane mechanics of what a Joker vs. Pennywise fight looks like.

The video makers must at least be commended for actually understanding their subjects. Pennywise's manipulation of the Joker's mind is perfectly in keeping with the IT monster's character; however, the more perfect depiction is Joker's reaction to Pennywise's influence: Since Joker is already a demented sociopath who has no fears, there's actually very little foothold for Pennywise to work with.

That leaves things in a stalemate neither villain is used to, which devolves into a contest of inflicting the utmost physical pain possible upon one another. That bloody bashing is what makes the video fun above and beyond all else.

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