'Justice League' Mysterious Mother Box TV Spot Released

With just three days until Justice League hits theaters nationwide, Warner Bros. is starting to ramp up the advertising for the highly-anticipated DC team-up film.

On Monday afternoon, the studio released a brand new TV spot for Justice League, focusing on the character of Cyborg and his mysterious origins. That's right, this commercial starts getting into the complicated mythology of the Mother Boxes.

Those who read DC comics know that a Mother Box powers Cyborg, as his father used the dangerous tool to keep him alive after an accident. This is what causes Cyborg's unusual powers, and his machine-like body that constantly changes.

In the clip, Cyborg explains to Wonder Woman that he is constantly finding new abilities because of what the Mother Box does to him. It looks as though Diana sees that as an asset, as well as a threat, and she will use it to the League's advantage.

The clip also shows some new footage of Aquaman in action, as well as a few of the League members interacting with one another.

You can watch the full TV spot above, and you can check out Justice League when it hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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