'Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor on What's Next for Penguin and Nygma

While most of the romantic arcs in Gotham focus on Jim's relationships with Lee, Barbara and now Sofia, or Bruce's "unspoken thing" with Selina, most fans of the show believe that one relationship is far more intriguing than the rest. Everybody wants to know what's on the horizon for Penguin and Nygma.

Currently, the two characters are mortal enemies, pulling the strings of Gotham City's underbelly in order to get back at one another. However, no matter how much they seem to hate each other at this point, neither one really seems capable of living without the other one.

The relationships is complicated, that much is certain. In order to get a little more clarity regarding their future, we spoke with star Robin Lord Taylor about what's to come for the villainous duo.

"Well right now, where we're at; Nygma isn't himself," Taylor said during an exclusive interview with ComicBook.com "He's changed his personality and is in some scattered place. As he was unfrozen from the block of ice, Part of him detached from himself, and he's been sort of trying to find it.

"Oswald has been through this before as well, as we saw in season two. Having been released from Arkham completely different person, he doesn't know where he is. And the thing that Nygma did for him then was he reminded him of who he is, he gave him back his personality, his soul. And I think we're always gonna sort of see that kind of dance. They still didn't define each other in a very fundamental way, and then again, they can never really kill each other. It's like the classic hunter going out somewhere and seeing a beautiful animal, and then deciding it's a worthy opponent, and then deciding not to kill it because it would be a shame. Oswald has yet to really find someone who is weirdly a friend and an enemy at the same time. They just have a very fundamental connection."

With Penguin hunting the Narrows for Nygma, and the latter doing everything in his power to embarrass Penguin, it's going to be interesting to see how these two make peace going forward. If they can't however, trouble is sure to catch up with one of them.

Gotham airs on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. With Thanksgiving this week, the next new episode will take place on November 2.