Batman's Briefs Reappear in 'Justice League' -- But There's a Twist

A classic Batman costume made a comeback, but not exactly in the way you'd expect.

Spoilers incoming for Justice League #36, so if you haven't read it yet you've been warned.

Batman is facing a bit of an identity crisis in Justice League these days, and it doesn't help that someone is out there killing people in his name. Well, actually, they're not just using his name. They're also using his costume, but early in the issue, the killer uses a current version of Batman's suit. Towards the end though the copycat brings back a throwback, the classic blue and gray suit complete with trunks.

The costume is a fan favorite, a suit Batman has worn intermittently between Crisis on Infinite Earths and Knightfall. It's been awhile since fans have seen the Dark Knight in such bright colors, as he really hasn't been in this bright of blue since the Hush days, and he hasn't had trunks since the New 52.

(Photo: DC Comics)

You can see the throwback in the image above.

The copycat is also quite good at mimicking Batman's tactics, as he's able to suss out a bait and switch by Green Lantern Simon Baz, who cloaked himself to infiltrate the copycat's location. After he puts an inhibitor on a stunned Baz, he says "Sorry to have to do this to you. After all...I'm your biggest fan."

So, just how many old Batman suits does he have at his disposal? Guess we'll find out in future issues, but here's hoping he's got a 66 Batman suit somewhere in that collection.

Justice League #36 is written by Christopher Priest with art by Pete Woods.

“JUSTICE LOST part three! Footage of a major Justice League failure ends up on an extremist website, going viral across social media and prompting a Congressional investigation of the team. As public debate explodes over America’s trust in the Justice League, the team faces a crisis of confidence in Batman and his methods, which ultimately highlights fractures within the team over civil rights and methodology."

Justice League #36 is in stores now.