‘Justice League’ Gets Its Jim Lee Illustrated Blu-ray Steelbook Cover


When a popular movie is released, you can bet that Best Buy will get an exclusive steelbook version. However, we are particularly fond of their steelbook covers for DC films because Justice League will mark the third movie with a cover featuring artwork by the legendary Jim Lee.

If you already own the other two steelbooks, you simply must get the Justice League version. It’s the best cover yet. If not, you can order the Man of Steel version here and the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice version here. The Justice League pre-order is slated to ship on March 3rd.

As for the 4K steelbook, that is also available to pre-order on Best Buy. At this point, the artwork hasn’t been released and a ship date hasn’t been set. The standard Blu-ray is also available to order on Amazon for $30.04, which is 16% off the list price. The standard 4K version is even cheaper at $29.99, or 21% off. Both versions are covered by Amazon’s pre-order price guarantee, so if the price goes down between the time that you order and the time that it ships, you’ll get the lowest price. So, if you know you’re going to get it, locking in that discount now is a good idea.

I’ll tell you right now, if the cover of the 4K steelbook is based on this poster, or this poster, it would be an insta-buy. Not going to hold my breath on that, but both of those masterpieces are screaming to be on a special edition Blu-ray.

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