'Aquaman' Movie Fan Poster Imagines What Black Manta and Ocean Master May Look Like

Aquaman is the big (read: only) hope for DC Films in 2018, thanks to actor Jason Mamoa making his version of Arthur Curry / Aquaman a standout of the Justice League movie. There's a lot of fan anticipation for what The Conjuring / Furious 7 director James Wan has done with DC Comics' Aquaman lore, but we haven't exactly seen very much, yet. Well, one DC fan put his anticipation to good use, drawing this sketch of what the Aquaman movie poster may look like:

Aquaman Movie Fan Poster by DigestingBat

This design by DigestingBat tries to give fans a version of Aquaman's two main villains may look like. On the lower right we get a look at the character of Orm / Ocean Master, who will be played by Watchmen's Patrick Wilson. Orm and Arthur's rivalry over the Atlantean throne has been the Shakespearean nexus of Aquaman's modern mythos, and it's expected to be the major thrust of Wan's film, as well.

Framing the top of the post we see Black Manta, the pirate/mercenary that has been a major bane in Aquaman's life. Black Manta will be played The Get Down star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and is one of the most anticipated figures fans want to see in the DCEU.

So far, we've seen no official costuming or imagery of either villain, so until that time, things like this fan poster are the best we're going to do.


Aquaman movie poster image


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