Kevin Smith Shares 'The Flash' Behind-the-Scenes Photo

Director Kevin Smith is back at work on an upcoming episode of The Flash and that work includes a crane shot.

Smith recently shared a behind-the-photo on his Twitter account showing the crew getting set up with the crane that he jokingly named "Frasier Crane". You can check it out below.

kevin smith the flash fraiser crane

"Starting tonight's work on @CW_The_FLash with a crane shot. I've named it Frasier Crane," Smith wrote.

The photo doesn't appear to reveal much about the episode other than the scene Smith is setting up for takes place near the Central City Museum shown in the photo, but some of Smith's previous posts on both Instagram and Twitter have given fans a few clues about what he's bringing to his third turn in the director's chair for The Flash. Last week, he posted on a photo of the script for the upcoming seventeenth episode of The CW superhero series' fourth season on Twitter. While the script didn't offer a title for the episode, Smith did include a pair of metahuman handcuffs leading some fans to speculate that perhaps the handcuffs were for this season's big bad, The Thinker, or possibly even Barry himself -- provided he had escaped from Iron Heights and was now on the lamb.

Smith followed that up a few days later with a photo on his Instagram account revealing that fan-favorite guest star Danny Trejo would be returning to the show in the episode. The photo showed Smith alongside Trejo and Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon.) As fans will recall, Trejo made his The Flash debut earlier this season playing the inter-dimensional bounty hunter/disgruntled father of Gypsy (Jessica Camacho,) Breacher.

As for why Breacher will be back on Earth-1 and in Central City, that remains to be seen and while last week's episode of The Flash showed things take a dark and serious turn for Barry (Grant Gustin,) when the prison warden discovered his true identity and prepared to sell him to Amunet Black (Katee Sackhoff,) the return of Trejo's Breacher could be a clue that the episode will have a good dose of humor. Trejo's first appearance on the show featured his character's almost-comical disapproval of Cisco, a performance that excited Trejo's on-screen daughter.

"Oh, I flipped out. [laughs] I geeked out, for sure. I completely geeked out!" Camacho told about Trejo's casting late last year. "I have been such a big fan of his for years, and, man. He's just the coolest. He's iconic in his badass-dom; I just thought that that was a perfect fit....They couldn't have nailed it any better.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

CW's The FlashWednesday at 8PM on CW

CW's The Flash

CW's The FlashWednesday at 8PM on CW

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