'Justice League': Zack Snyder Directs In Wonder Woman Rescue Clip

There are parts of Justice League that are unmistakeably Zack Snyder, and the Wonder Woman Bank scene was definitely one of them.

Now fans can get a bit more insight into how that scene was created, as a new behind the scenes clip shows Snyder hard at work directing the early Justice League sequence. The scene features several thugs taking hostages in an attempted bank robbery, and Wonder Woman jumps in to show them why that was a stupid idea.

The scene takes place at the Old Bailey Courthouse, a gorgeous location northwest of the famous St Paul Cathedral. This was the first time a project of this scale had been filmed there, and if you've seen the theatrical version you know it was well worth the trip.

You can watch the clip in full above.

Snyder's prints are all over Justice League, but before reshoots commenced he stepped off the project and handed the baton to Joss Whedon, who proceeded with reshoots and reconfigured the film. There are plenty of fans who feel there's a true Zack Snyder cut lying around somewhere, especially as more deleted scenes make their way online. That said, that full cut (if there is one that is) will probably never see the light of day, so, for now, you'll just need to enjoy the version that made it into theaters.

Justice League ended its box office run with a pull of $228 million but fared better overseas. Internationally it brought in $428 million, resulting in an overall worldwide box office of $656 million. The mixed response has put the sequel in limbo, though Wonder Woman has nothing to worry about, as her sequel is full steam ahead.

Next up for the DCEU is Aquaman, which lands in theaters on December 21. After that, it's time for Nightwing, which is scheduled for release February 1, 2019. Shazam! follows on April 5, 2019, and an untitled Justice League sequel is on the schedule for June 15, 2019, though that will probably not actually happen. Other projects in development include the Joker Origin Movie, Suicide Squad 2, and Wonder Woman 2.

Justice League lands on Blu-ray March 13.

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