'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "Enter Flashtime"

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(Photo: The CW, DC Entertainment)

"Enter Flashtime" starts with a closeup shot of an out-of-breath Barry perspiring heavily. He goes to Iris and tells her that he can't save her this time.

We see a flashback to eight minutes prior where Cisco and Iris are training Barry to be able to run fast enough to get through DeVoe's breaches. Cisco takes a break, and Barry and Iris talk about taking some time for their personal life. Barry agrees and decides to make a reservation for dinner at a romantic spot.

Wells calls them to the bridge to explain to them that DeVoe's been planning on stealing the powers from the metahumans on the bus for quite some time. As they're talking, Wells' daughter Jesse Quick shows up.

Wells pulls his daughter aside and the two talk about their wife/mother's death. Jesse blames their strained relationship on her father's inability to properly grieve over her mother's death.

Team Flash gets an alert that a gunfight has broken out at a warehouse. We see armed assailants firing their weapons at Joe and a squad of ARGUS agents. One of the assailants opens a shipping container in the warehouse, where we see a nuclear weapon is stored.

Barry, Jesse, Cisco, and Caitlin arrive on scene and take care of the majority of the gunmen, but it's too late, the ringleader has already set off the nuke.

Barry and Jesse — both able to travel faster than the rest of the populace — discuss what their next steps are. Barry mentions that Jay Garrick might know what to do and Jesse speeds off to Earth-3 to get him.

Barry uses his powers to bring Cisco into Flashtime and the latter tries breaching the nuke onto a dead Earth. With his body unable to handle Flashtime, Cisco's unable to open a breach. Barry leaves Cisco in normal time and speeds off to talk to Harry about possible solutions. Harry thinks they'll be able to take the nuke into the Speed Force and have it detonate there.

Jesse arrives with Jay and upon hearing Barry's plan of taking the nuke into the Speed Force, Jay is unsure about helping out. Jay mentions that putting the nuke into the Speed Force could destroy it, taking powers away from all speedsters across the multiverse. Jay realizes that the nuke could be cooled down, possibly freezing it

The trio of speedsters head back to the warehouse and use Killer Frost to try freezing the nuke, but like Cisco, her powers don't work in Flashtime. Jesse mentions that they could possibly throw lightning bolts at the nuke, electrocuting it. As they start speeding up to throw lightning, Jay trips and has to remove himself from Flashtime to recover.

With Jay out of the equation, Barry and Jesse argue on what to do next. Barry tries convincing Jesse to take the nuke into the Speed Force but she disagrees. The two realize they're slowing down as the nuke starts to grow in size quicker. Barry convinces Jesse to use her remaining speed to travel back to Earth-2. Jesse tries to go back to STAR Labs and take her back into Flashtime, but she's running out of speed to make it happen.

Barry then speeds back to Iris, where we see the same scene from the opening of the episode.

Iris points out to Barry that Cisco and Caitlin tricked the Speed Force with the quark sphere, and if Barry is able to find it again, he might be able to use it to stop the nuke. He enters the Speed Force, finds the sphere, and like Iris predicted, the sphere was able to absorb the blast from the nuke.

Everyone starts moving at normal speed again, and Joe finds Barry passed out on the warehouse floor. Joe runs over to make sure Barry is all right, and Barry comes to after a few seconds.

Back at STAR Labs, Joe shows the team a video found at the apartment of the terrorist ringleader. She identifies herself as Veronica Dale of the Eden Corps, an eco-terrorist group.


Jay walks in to bid the team farewell, he has to get back to Earth-3 to train a new speedster to replace him. Elsewhere, Jesse tells her dad that he doesn't have to explain why he can't talk about the passing of his wife.

Caitlin and Harry go to Jitters to grab a cup of coffee. They're talking when their coffees are knocked over by the excited mystery girl we've seen twice before.