'iZombie' Recap With Spoilers: "Brainless in Seattle, Part 1"

A man drives a young woman into Seattle, attempting to sneak her in. They drive by a line of people being executed, pay off a Fillmore-Graves officer, and bring her inside.

Ravi and Liv walk down a street, complaining about how Blaine is handling the human/zombie problem in Seattle. Clive walks them through the murder scene, and finds the young woman shot in the head, with most of her brains missing.

Ravi performs an autopsy on the young woman. Clive thinks he found the murder victim: Annie Wallace, a woman who was smuggled into Seattle for some unknown reason. They find that Annie was frequently talking to a man named Alan Fox. Clive asks Liv to eats Annie’s brains, and she complains about how few brains there are to work on.

Liv cooks the brains into chocolate candies.

Liv and Clive go to interrogate Alan Fox, who Liv starts staring at romantically. Alan reveals that he and Annie met online a month before, and bonded over their love of romantic comedies. Liv is enthralled by everything he says. Clive starts to get suspicious by how serious Annie and Alan were moving along, and asks about Alan telling Annie not to visit Seattle. Alan wonders if Annie was detained trying to sneak into Seattle and asks to see her, and is distraught to find out that she died.

Liv helps Alan try to grieve while flirting with him in the process. Liv invites him to Human/Zombie night at the Scratching Post. Clive comes in and tells Liv not to trust Alan too much already.

Major visits Chase Graves, letting him know that one of his recruits, Jordan, accidentally scratched a human protester and turned him into a zombie. Major reveals that there was video of the incident, and Chase makes Major swear to not let that information get out.

Chase shows his soldiers a flyer for the Darwin Project, a group wanting zombies to flee Seattle and be studied. The soldiers inform Chase of the current brain shortage, and the fact that there’s only four to six months of supply left.

Don E brings Chase into Blaine’s office. Chase asks Blaine to help bring in Renegade, and promises Fillmore-Graves will leave him alone if he does.

A brain dealer, Dom, shows off his supply to Don E. Don E looks through a binder of social media profiles of the brains before choosing one that belonged to a mime. He eats the brain and jokingly begins acting like a mime. The dealer then feeds Don E some of Annie’s brain, which he pays for.

Blaine pulls Dom aside and asks about Renegade. Dom then agrees to bring by someone who crossed paths with Renegade before.

Peyton complains to Ravi about Liv inviting her to Human/Zombie night. She begs that he come along with both of them, but he initially declines. Liv notices that he’s arrived, and asks him to come along, but he argues that he has nothing to wear. Liv then suggests that they give him a makeover, which he reluctantly accepts.

They take part in a makeover montage before being interrupted by Major. Liv tells Major about her soulmate, which he awkwardly brushes off.

Liv, Peyton, and Ravi arrive at Human/Zombie night. Ravi spends the night dancing while Liv and Peyton wait for Alan. Eventually, Peyton joins Ravi dancing while Liv waits and gets sad.

Liv realizes that Alan stood her up, and Peyton and Ravi try to convince her to dance. The three of them dance.

Liv grabs a drink from the bar, where she notices Dale making out with another guy. A guy named Tim then bumps into her, sending her into full rom-com mode. The two immediately begin kissing.

Ravi and Peyton look for Liv, and they find her making out with Tim.

The next morning, Liv lays in bed, complaining to Peyton that she doesn’t have Tim’s number. Peyton argues that if it's fate, Liv will run into Tim again. Liv then tells Peyton about Dale cheating on Clive, and contemplates whether or not to tell him.

Liv arrives at work, and runs into Clive and Dale. She awkwardly talks to them both, before Dale leaves. Clive then reveals that Alan had a history of having guns, and Liv briefly forgets who Alan is. Liv then sees a new female police officer, Michelle, and awkwardly tries to introduce her to Clive.

Liv gets triggered into a vision of the coyote driving the van telling Annie that she’s got this.

Liv talks to the police sketch artist. She gets distracted talking about Clive and Dale. The sketch artist shows his finished photo, which is actually of Tim, and not of the coyote.

Later that night, Liv watches a romantic movie on TV. She gets a call from an unknown number -- it's Renegade.

Liv tells Renegade what she knows about Annie’s murder case. As Renegade explains, the coyote, Bruce, is part of a group that smuggles people in to kill them and drain their bank accounts. Liv asks how to find Bruce, but Renegade says that it’s nearly impossible to find him, and suggests that Liv move on from the murder.

Liv gets triggered into another vision of Annie, in a room with an incinerator, trying to escape Bruce’s captivity.

Blaine meets with Dom and Anthony, the man who was scratched by Renegade. He asks Anthony for information about her real identity, but he refuses. Blaine pulls out vials of the zombie cure and threatens to torture Anthony with one.


Blaine sits down with a glass of wine and eats Anthony’s brains.

Clive reveals that Alan’s guns weren’t a match for what killed Annie, meaning that Bruce was probably the culprit. He and Liv find a nearby building with an incinerator in it, and find a grouping of skulls. Clive announces that Bruce is officially a serial killer.