'Black Lightning's China Anne McClain On How Jennifer Will Respond to Getting Her Powers

Spoilers ahead for tonight's episode of Black Lightning, titled "The Book of Revelations."

Tonight on Black Lightning, Jennifer Pierce began to get her powers in what was not even the biggest revelation of the night.

Besides being telegraphed in the trailer, actress China Anne McClain has said in virtually every interview she has ever done how much she looks forward to getting super powers...but as we saw tonight, Jennifer the character may not be quite as optimistic about being a metahuman as McClain is.

"Jennifer is young, she's a teenager, and for her getting her powers is very different than Anissa getting her powers for the first time," McClain told reporters during a recent visit to the set. "I've said that she's older, she's confident, she knows who she is at this point in her life and she's comfortable with that, but Jennifer is still trying to figure that out. To have this happen to her is a huge deal and she feels like an alien on earth. It's difficult for her to deal with, it's going to be very interesting to see."

Interesting, we started to see tonight. But what's next?

"Parents aren't exactly supposed to keep secrets from their children, especially when you feel like this should be an open environment to where we can talk, and you guys always tell me talk to you about this," McClain said. "But this is something you kept from me, because the girls don't know that their father is Black Lightning. She's just like, what? She feels like her world has been turned upside down and there's some anger and some resentment there for sure."

It is not just Jefferson who will have to face Lightning's wrath, either; Jennifer will be just as upset about the prospect of being lied to by her mom -- something that will likely not wear off once she realizes that this is why her mother originally left.


"It definitely affects her relationship with her mother as well," McClain added. "The relationship you have with your dad is totally different than the relationship you have with your mom. Your mom is always like 'come to me about anything,' so for her mother not to come to her with this secret about her father, she's kind of like, 'Was I in The Twilight Zone this whole time? Are your names even your names? Is everything I know a lie?' It's an interesting situation for Jennifer to deal with, but it's difficult."

Black Lightning airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.