'Rick and Morty' Pickle Rick and 'Sandman' Death Funko Pop Previews Exclusives are Here


Funko collectors have two big Previews Exclusive releases to add to their collection today - a limbless Pickle Rick from Rick and Morty and Death from Neil Gaiman’s iconic Sandman comic series!

You can pre-order the Pickle Rick Funko Pop here and the Death Funko Pop here while supplies last - which probably won’t be long. For the most part Previews Exclusive Funko Pop figures are sold through comic book stores, but you can usually find them online at a select group of speciality shops. Just don’t expect to pick one up at your local Target. Grab these while you can. The official descriptions read:

"It's Pickle Rick! From the Rick and Morty cartoon series comes two variations of the genius scientist in pickle form without limbs. This Rick and Morty Pickle Rick no Limbs Pop! Vinyl Figure #350 - Previews Exclusive measures approximately 3 3/4-inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box. The 'Rick and Morty Pickle Rick no Limbs Pop! Vinyl Figure - Previews Exclusive comes with a display stand."

"From Neil Gaiman's iconic series, Sandman, comes Death herself! This 3 3/4-inch tall Pop! Vinyl Figure features Death in a black and white deco and is holding her umbrella with her right hand at her hip. The Sandman Death Black and White Pop! Vinyl Figure #234 - Previews Exclusive makes a perfect addition to any Sandman fan's collection!"


The Death figure is a Funko first for the Sandman series, which makes it extra desirable - but this certainly isn't Pickle Rick's first Funko rodeo. Previous releases include standard Pickle Rick and Pickle Rick with the laser he cobbled together while engaging in a murderous rampage. Unlike the limbless Pickle Rick figure, these releases are not exclusives.


Another Rick and Morty Funko Pop that is an exclusive and currently up for grabs is a figure based on the Rick and Morty crossover promotional video for Alien: Covenant. As you can see, Rick is being savagely attacked by a Facehugger - but don’t worry! Rick’s blood is rich with toxins, which makes him deadly to consume for just about every alien life form in the multiverse. You can grab it at ThinkGeek and GameStop while supplies last.

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