Superman Easter Egg Found in 'Aquaman' Behind-The-Scenes Photo

Aquaman is still a ways away from hitting the big screen, but it looks like one clever Easter egg has already been spotted.

Twitter user @Powerless_ness recently shared a detail from the behind-the-scenes photo of Aquaman director James Wan and new cast member Randall Park. In Park's hand is some sort of prop note, which appears to have "existence of Superman" written on it.

On the surface, that might seem like a peculiar Easter egg, but it actually could be confirming something about Park's character, Dr. Stephen Shin. In the comics, Shin was a friend of Arthur's father, Tom Curry (played in the film by Temuera Morrison), and helped the young version of Arthur (Jason Momoa) get used to his powers. As Arthur got older, he and Dr. Shin went toe-to-toe quite a bit, but ultimately functioned as allies.

Park holding notes about "the existence of Superman" could indicate that the particular scene he's filming is some sort of flashback, although it's unclear as to when it would take place. Looking at the DC Extended Universe timeline, and when exactly Superman became a public figure, that window could arguably be anywhere from 1993 (when a young Clark first used his powers to save the drowning school bus) and 2013 (the present-day events of Man of Steel).

Since Arthur Curry was born in January of 1979 (as was confirmed via documents in Suicide Squad), it certainly doesn't seem out of the question that this scene with Park could occur with a younger version of Arthur. But with two different actors playing Arthur's child and teenage selves, there's no telling when exactly that scene could be set -- or what other Easter eggs it could unveil in the process.

Hype for Aquaman is gradually building, with fans getting increasingly eager to see how the film carries on the legacy of the DCEU. And according to Momoa, the wait for the film will be more than worth it.

"Surpassing Justice League, this moment in time is his call to become king." Momoa told last year. "The only thing that can save Atlantis is me fighting my own brother. There's a big battle, and there's an epic [fight]. It's also a big road movie, because we travel all over the world. It's got that Star Wars quality of gigantic ships and guys riding sharks. It's going to be this whole world you've never seen before. You're going to see him start as this guy who probably rides bikes, works on cars. You get to see him this one way as kind of a dirty, dark, drunkard, and then turn into this regal king."


What do you think of this Superman Easter egg? Does it get you even more hyped for Aquaman? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Aquaman will land in theaters on December 21st.