'The Flash': Inside "Think Fast" Clip Released

The CW has released a behind-the-scenes look at "Think Fast," tonight's upcoming episode of The Flash.

In the episode, time is running out for Team Flash. The Thinker has nearly assembled everything he needs to carry out the Enlightenment which means that the heroes have what is very likely their last chance to stop the villain's plan to reduce the world's intelligence so that he can rule them. Considering the team's track record in previous face-off's with DeVoe, things don't look good, but Cisco has an idea.

"DeVoe, now his plan is at the final stage, so Barry and Team Flash have to figure out how to take him down in 12 hours," executive producer Todd Helbing says in the video above. "They’ve been unsuccessful to date, but Cisco comes up with this sort of brilliant idea. Cisco posits what if he can let go of them and they can have speed for short bursts of time, they can sort of be in three places at once."

Flashtime is a power The CW series introduced to audiences earlier this season, first during a brief moment when Barry (Grant Gustin) is on trial and he stops Iris (Candice Patton) from revealing his identity to the world and then, later, in the episode "Enter Flashtime". Flashtime is, as explained by John Wesley Shipp in an interview earlier this year, a state of moving so fast that time slows down to the point of stopping for everyone except those moving fast enough. Barry can bring people into Flashtime with him, so long as he's touching them, thus moving them fast enough to experience the phenomenon.

It's a fascinating power, but it's one that the team might not be ready for. Not only has the team been dealing with some big changes that have left them down from their usual operating speed -- Joe is preparing to be a father again and Caitlin is still seeking Killer Frost -- but Harry (Tom Cavanagh) is still in decline, though he's tapped into his emotions as a way to help defeat DeVoe.

"Wells, now that he's more in touch with his feelings based off of his lessons that he learned from the Council of Harrisons he deduces that Marlize not only left DeVoe but where she would be hiding out," Helbing explains.


In "Therefore She Is," Marlize (Kim Englebrecht) realized that her husband had gone from wanting to help humanity to wanting to control them. Tired of the abuse she's suffered and his lack of empathy and emotion, Marlize left The Thinker. Her departure may have bought Team Flash some time in figuring out a plan to stop him as we saw last week, but now that time's may be up. Fortunately, Team Flash is getting a little additional help -- Arrow's John Diggle will be coming to their aid.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. "Think Fast" airs tonight, May 15.