LEGO Batman Gets a Batmobile Than Can Be Controlled With a Smartphone App


The LEGO Group has unveiled the 321-piece Batman App-Controlled Batmobile set which will kick off their new Powered Up platform. Powered Up is described as an expansion of the LEGO Boost line that will allow builders to incorporate motion control and programmable functions. As you’ll see, Bruce Wayne would be pleased with these upgrades.

LEGO notes that Powered Up sets will range from basic sets with moving parts to sets that can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet. As the name indicates, the Batman App-Controlled Batmobile is in the latter group, and will give uses the ability to steer the Batmobile and personalize the controls. A simple coding canvas will be introduced later this year that will enable further fine-tuning of speed, direction, sound and more. A preview of the control screen can be found below.

speedmode_app screen_graphic

"For 20 years, we have been creating new ways for children to combine technology and LEGO building, starting with the introduction of LEGO MINDSTORMS, a robotics toolkit that pioneered the idea of a 'smart toy," said Michael McNally, senior director brand relations for the LEGO Group. "With Powered Up, we've established a flexible connected platform to enable innovative new play experiences that merge digital and physical play in natural ways that will delight and inspire the builders of today and tomorrow – while still focusing on the core physical play proposition of our System of Play – the LEGO brick."

The Powered Up Platform debuts on July 1. The LEGO Batman App-Controlled Batmobile will launch August 1 for $99.99 via the LEGO Shop, and will include 321 pieces, two motors and a battery hub. The Powered Up App works on phones and tablets running iOS 8.0 and up or Android 5.0 and up.

LEGO also revealed that additional Powered Up sets will launch in 2018, including the LEGO City Passenger Train and LEGO City Cargo Train.


Speaking of motorized LEGO sets, LEGO's Creator Expert 10261 Roller Coaster will be available to the general public starting on June 1st. You'll be able to grab it directly from LEGO via this link for $379.99 starting at midnight EST. It's a massive set at 4124 pieces, and it measures over 20” high, 34” wide and 16” deep. It’s also a fully functional chain-lift roller coaster that can be upgraded with LEGO Power Functions and LEGO Boost for motorization and sound effects.

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