First Glimpse At New 'Aquaman' Movie Poster Revealed

Warner Bros' Aquaman sails into theaters later this year, and now fans have their first look at the Jason Momoa starring official poster.

The poster surfaced at the Licensing Expo, and while it is admittedly quite low res, the image does give you a good idea of what the poster will look like. Jason Momoa can be seen in full armor holding his Quindent from Justice League. The Aquaman logo can also be seen in the top left-hand corner.

Now, this doesn't mean it will be the only poster revealed, as this format is also easily made into character posters, possibly showing Mera and Black Manta among others. We'll have to wait and see the full reveal, but you can check out the low res version below.

(Photo: Reddit)

Aquaman will give fans all kinds of new insight into who this version of Arthur Curry is. According to Momoa, it will also feature the true debut of his trademark trident, which he has clarified he is not holding in Justice League.

"I didn't call it a trident," Momoa said. "It's a quindent. We don't call it that in the movie and when you watch Aquaman you're going to see him go for the trident, so everyone's just got to stay tuned for a hot minute."

It makes sense too because at the beginning of Aquaman and definitely in Justice League Arthur isn't King of Atlantis yet, and hasn't even begun to embrace that lineage.

"He's not the king yet," Momoa explained. "He looks to Mera and he goes 'I need to borrow something. I need you to do me a favor' so that's when she gives him the equipment."

We've already received a glimpse at the new costume, which seems to have more in common with his comic costume than the one in Justice League. Granted, it will likely be somewhere in the middle, as we don’t expect him to go full orange and green all the sudden in the DC movie universe.


Aquaman stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, Willem Dafoe, Yahya abdul-Mateen iI, and Dolph Lundgren, and is directed by James Wan, and is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on December 21, 2018.

H/T Reddit