‘Wonder Woman 2’ Artwork Imagines The Sequel's Fierce Logo

Right now, the eyes of the entire DCEU are set upon Diana Prince. After Wonder Woman came roaring into theaters, the Amazon has become the franchise’s most lucrative player, and its sequel hopes to do the same. And, if the film has a logo like the one below, there is no way it can lose its box-office battle.

However, Wonder Woman will still have to duke it out with Cheetah to take a win. There's no avoiding that.

Over on Twitter, the DCEU fandom began buzzing with an artist known as Kushal put up their version of a logo for Wonder Woman 2. The art, which can be seen below, is much darker than the one fans were shown for the first film. But, when you have a villain like Cheetah on the prowl, things are bound to get intense and more than a little violent.

As you can see, the fan-art uses the traditional ‘W’ logo for Wonder Woman with its wings and all. However, this new version appears to be splattered with blood. Set against a smoky black background, the tarnished has a few claw marks through it to represent Cheetah’s deadly appendages.

And, yes — there are three marks instead of two. You didn’t count wrong.

So far, there is no word on when fans will get a look at the actual logo for Wonder Woman 2, but it seems the film will begin shooting soon enough. During a recent chat, director Patty Jenkins did tell Variety the sequel would kick off sooner than anyone expected.

"There's nothing I can say," Jenkins hedged. "Very soon. Shockingly soon."

As for a logo, it seems fans got a peak at the direction Wonder Woman 2 will take its logo. The 2018 Licensing Expo wrapped up in Las Vegas not long ago, but it was there Warner Bros. held a big presentation about its upcoming titles. Naturally, Wonder Woman 2 appeared in that line-up, and fans noted the franchise’s logo got a retro red makeover.


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Wonder Woman 2 is expected to land in theaters on November 1, 2019.