'Supergirl' Recap With Spoilers: "Not Kansas"

(Photo: The CW)

"Not Kansas" starts immediately after last week's episode with Reign fighting Mon-El and Kara. As the trio is fighting, Lana quickly uses the rock brought back from Argo City and whip up an antidote to cure Reign.

Lena quickly finishes the antidote and injects Reign with it. Reign separates from Sam and disintegrates. Same wakes up and asks for an aspirin and the group shares a sigh of relief. They take Sam to the DEO and she's reunited with Ruby.

Elsewhere at the DEO, Kara asks Lena if she can artificially reproduce the black rock since it's a precious material for Argo City and Lena says she'll try.

Kara tells Alex that her mother is still alive in Argo City. Kara reveals to her sister that she wants to go back and live with her mother. After admitting she feels guilty for wanting to leave, Alex reassures her sister that it's time for Kara to take some alone time.

The group assembles at the DEO to throw Kara a going away party. There, Mon-El asks Kara for a favor while she's on Argo and instead of taking the mission on for herself, Kara invites Mon-El to go with. Mon-El agrees to go with her.

After saying their goodbyes, Kara and Mon-El leave to go to Argo. Kara's busy looking through her childhood belongings when a childhood friend walks in and the two reconnect.

On Earth, Winn and James - as Guardian - are working on fighting crime.

Alex is talking with J'onn and M'yrnn. M'yrnn tells J'onn it's time to perform an ancient martian ritual where the elder member of the family passes on all memories to a younger family member before the elder passes away. J'onn wants nothing to do with it and says they'll talk about it later.

James and Winn get back to the DEO and tell J'onn that a gunman they stopped earlier in the day used a gun from the DEO.

Kara and Mon-El are walking through the market on Argo when they run into the child Mon-El previously helped. The kid is completely cured. As they're talking, debris flies into the market and almost crushes them. Kara notices a mysterious hooded figure walking away from the market.

Kara and Mon-El are speaking with Kara's mother and another Argo resident when they bring up the mysterious hooded figure. Kara's mother says they'll look into it and Kara wonders whether or not she's being too paranoid.

J'onn and James go to speak with the manufacturer of the DEO weapon. The gun maker reveals that they're selling the guns they sold to the DEO to the general public. The gunmaker refuses.

Kara and Mon-El are having dinner with friends when Kara notices the same mysterious hooded figure walk by. Kara confronts the person and we see it's an elderly lady. She claims to have had nothing to do with the earlier crane collapse. Kara's friend tells her that the elderly woman is the wife of the grocer. Kara's friend recommends Kara go get some rest.

The team is back at the DEO and J'onn orders them to try and find who the armed gunman was earlier so they can track down his cache of weapons.

Winn tells J'onn he has a location on the suspect. The suspect, Arthur Willis, posted a manifesto on social media and Winn shows it to the group. They realize he's going back to his office to shoot it up.

J'onn locates Willis in the loading dock of his former employer. He confronts the gunman, who's upset that his life has gone to hell. J'onn convinces the gunman to give up his weapon and the situation ends without any further incident.

Mon-El and Kara are walking through a garden on Argo. There, Mon-El admits he didn't travel back in time to help Kara defeat Reign. He also traveled back because he wasn't completely over Kara. The two share their feelings with each other when a robot flies towards them and tries attacking them. They fly upwards and notice another hooded woman back on the ground running away from them.

Kara and Mon-El track down the woman again and it's the same older woman as before. She admits she's part of a group known as the Daughters of the Night and tells them that Selena is the group's high priestess.

Back at the DEO, J'onn gathers all agents and gives them a talk about gun control and reveals that the DEO will be moving towards non-lethal weaponry.

Lena's working on reverse-engineering the black rock and she realizes its properties could do revolutionary things for Earth.


J'onn has the talk with his father. Alex is looking up adoption agencies in National City. Ruby and Sam are watching a movie when Sam drops her glass.

We see Coville going to an open field and he's greeted by the Daughters of the Night. Kara and Mon-El find out that Selena and her compatriots stole their ship to travel to Earth.