Kevin Smith Is Ok With Never Directing a Star Wars, Star Trek, DC, or Marvel Movie

For many fans, especially those with Hollywood aspirations, being able to direct a film in their favorite franchise is the ultimate dream. Yet, for ultimate fan Kevin Smith, he's okay with never stepping behind the camera for Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, or even DC films.

Smith, who frequently interacts with his fans on social medial was recently asked if he would someday look back on his career and be okay with never having directed certain films. Smith replied that he would, in fact, be okay with it and he had a very good reason for that sense of peace.

"I'll be okay with it," he wrote on Twitter. "I love consuming SW, ST, DC, and Marvel but, they were never what I wanted to do in film. I got into the biz to make Kevin Smith movies. They got plenty of people in Hollywood who wanna make big movies. But if I don't make Kevin Smith movies then nobody will."

On some level, Smith's response may come as a bit of a surprise for fans. The filmmaker has already helmed episodes of various superhero shows for The CW and generally has no shortage of opinions and ideas about what he would do if he were given the reigns of a major franchise film. Just last month he shared what he would do with Batman on the big screen.

"I would do what [Warner Bros.] are doing right now, which is, let's just start making movies that aren't connected. Don't worry about that universe, don't worry about tying things together," Smith said on the Fatman on Batman podcast. "They were masters at this shi-t. They mastered the comic book movie in the '70s with Superman, in the late '80s, early '90s with Batman, they have the f-cking Dark Knight trilogy, they should be able to do this in their f-cking sleep."

However, even with his ideas for things it's also not entirely surprising that Smith would want to focus on his own ideas and work. Smith is known for his quirky and unique films starting with the iconic Clerks. While not all of his work is as highly regarded as Clerks, his work is distinctive. A prime example of that is the in-development horror film Moose Jaws. Smith recently gave an update on the film -- described as Jaws with a moose -- saying that he recently got funding for the film and promised a better update soon.

Of course, desire to focus on his own work aside, there's something to be said for Smith's comment about simply enjoying Star Wars, Star Trek, DC, and Marvel movies as a fan. It's easy for fans to get caught in the idea that they could make something "better" and miss out on the pure joy of just being a fan. That fan bliss is something that Smith very clearly never takes for granted and never hesitates to share with others so even if he never directs a big franchise film, fans can rest assured that he is still leaving his mark.


The two films Smith has most recently spoken about, Solo: A Star Wars Story and Deadpool 2 are both in theaters now.

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