Batman Picks Controversial Best Man for His Wedding

In Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Nightwing vs. Hush #1, in stores now, Bruce Wayne went out for a night on the town with Clark Kent and Dick Grayson, only to be set upon and harassed by Tommy Elliott (Hush). The big question, bizarrely, is which of the three (but really just the two who aren't homicdal maniacs, but let's say three for funsies) Bruce will choose as the best man at his upcoming wedding to Selina Kyle.

We're going to spoil the answer, folks, so turn around now if you're squeamish about that sort of thing.

Of course, Bruce Wayne is more Batman than Bruce Wayne most of the time. When he is in "Bruce mode," it is usually when he is out of the costume and spending time with one of his sons (adoptive, surrogate, or biological), many of whom are now grown.

One might guess, then, that either Dick Grayson or Tim Drake would be an obvious choice for Best Man.

But that ignores the reality that Bruce Wayne is really Batman, and if you're Batman, of course your best man will be Superman. Sure, they have punched the hell out of each other loads of times, but what friends haven't?

Explaining how a newspaper columnist from another city is somehow Bruce's pick for best man? Well, that's a job for the tabloids.

Bruce makes it clear to Dick that he is the best friend he has, but that he also understands the weight of Dick's responsibilities as Nightwing, functionally Bludhaven's only superhero. He was, after all, raised by Batman, so one can hardly expect him to put the wedding as his top priority if something were to happen in his hometown at that moment.

Sure, superheroes banded together to collectively watch out for Metropolis during Superman's wedding and honeymoon, but maybe the collective heroes of the DC Universe are still a little annoyed that Bruce is marrying one of his villains, and so they are less willing to put out the effort to make sure Bludhaven is covered.


Of course, Bruce made all of those arrangements, while Jimmy Olsen was Superman's best man, so maybe he's just busy with the wedding itself.

Batman #48 is on sale now. You can get it at your local comic shop, or buy a digital copy online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and ComiXology.