Geoff Johns Launching New DC Comics Imprint

Along with film and TV projects, the continuation of high-profile series like Doomsday Clock and Batman: Earth One, and new launches like Three Jokers, Geoff Johns will launch his own pop-up imprint at DC Comics as part of his new deal with Warner Bros.

Yesterday, news broke that Johns had stepped down from his duties as Chief Creative Officer at DC. Jim Lee took that position, while Johns opened up his own production company and signed an exclusive deal with Warner Bros., so that he could spend more time writing and creating content.

“I took on a role at DC Entertainment because I love the characters and this universe more than anything,” said Johns. “But, I want to spend my days writing and on set. I’m thrilled to get back to a more hands-on creative role. It’s a dream job on dream projects, reaching even deeper into DC’s vast pantheon of characters. I’m also excited to continue to work with the amazing team at DCE and my colleagues at Warner Bros.”

According to a press release made available yesterday, Johns's publishing projects will include a new pop-up slate of comic books under the banner of “The Killing Zone,” focusing on new and lesser known DC characters and titles.

The Killing Zone will be Johns's equivalent of Gerard Ways' Young Animal, Warren Ellis's The Wild Storm, and Brian Michael Bendis's as-yet-untitled DC imprint.


Breathing life into troubled DC properties is what Johns is perhaps best known for. Before his intervention, properties like Booster Gold, Hawkman, and the Justice Society of America found themselves struggling to stay above water. He also reinvented Green Lantern and Aquaman, and created acclaimed and best-selling runs on The Flash and Justice League.

If Three Jokers, which spins out of the events of DC Universe: Rebirth is any indication, likely candidates for The Killing Zone books will include the Justice Society and the Legion of Super-Heroes, both of which have been largely off the table since 2011's The New 52 reboot, and both of which are playing mysterious roles in Doomsday Clock, Johns's Watchmen sequel with artist Gary Frank and colorist Brad Anderson.