Extended Justice League Clip From 'Teen Titans Go! to the Movies' Released

The latest DC Comics movie is premiering in theaters tomorrow, bringing a team of fan-favorite heroes on a collision course with their peers in an attempt to save the world. Unfortunately, no one takes the Teen Titans seriously.

Warner Bros. released a new extended clip from Teen Titans GO! to the Movies, featuring the titular team having a showdown with the Justice League. However considering the Titans never really do any fighting, there are no punches thrown — but there are quite a few sick burns thrown around for good measure. Check it out in the video player above.

The clip provides a substantial look at Nicolas Cage's role as the iconic character he idolizes, Superman, as well as music sensations Halsey and Lil Yachty as Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, respectively.

Much like in the regular series, none of the other superheroes care much for the Titans. In fact, it seems like they don't even take themselves seriously, but they're trying to change that perspective in order to achieve a goal only the best superheroes have attained: getting their own movie.

It's a sort of meta commentary on the state of DC's movie slate, done as only the Teen Titans can do it. Our own Kofi Outlaw reviewed the film, praising the animated picture as being a thoroughly satisfying experience.

"Rapid-fire satire of other films would quickly become old schtick, so thankfully Teen Titans Go! To the Movies balances out that humor with moments of its own signature brand of silly irreverence (like saying the name "Slade"), with all sorts of callbacks to running gags that have appeared and/or reappeared throughout the series' run (baby hands!). There are also some flashy and catchy musical numbers peppered in, which will surely be counted amongst some of the other great numbers the series has put out (the '80s-tinged "Upbeat" may just be this year's "Everything Is Awesome").


"All in all, the pacing of the film is spot-on, changing things up just often enough to hold young viewers' attention, while also keeping up a steady stream of adult humor to keep it fun for parents. In fact, the film knows just when to call it quits -- and even makes a hilarious final gag out of the matter. Hardcore superhero geeks will also get a kick out of the sheer number of Easter eggs that are buried in the visuals and dialogue, enough to make rewatching the film a rewarding experience."

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies premieres this Friday, July 27th.