'Krypton' Star Cameron Cuffe Has the Perfect Response to 'Supergirl' Movie News

It looks like a Supergirl movie could be in the cards for DC films — and one DC TV star is pretty excited about it.

Cameron Cuffe, who stars as Seg-El on Syfy's hit series Krypton, recently tweeted out a response to the news that a Supergirl standalone movie is being written by The Cloverfield Paradox writer Oren Uziel. Seeing as Seg-El goes on to be the grandfather of both Superman and Supergirl, Cuffe tweeted a resounding "Hell. Yes," followed by the hashtag #ThatsMyGranddaughter.

Even though Krypton is a completely different entity from the DC Extended Universe — and there's no telling how this Supergirl solo project will evolve — it's hard to deny just how adorable Cuffe's tweet is. It also is just the latest example of the actor showing his love for the Superfamily, after previously sharing his thoughts on Rocksteady's long-rumored Superman game, and on how much he loves Superman: The Movie.

For those who have been keeping up with Krypton, there's also a bit of an irony with Cuffe's tweet, considering just how much the show has been subverting DC Comics canon.

In the Season 1 finale of Krypton, a chain of events set off that essentially sent the show's timeline on a completely different path. After Seg and his crew stopped Brainiac (Blake Ritson) from taking Kandor, that allowed General Zod (Colin Salmon) to assume power over the city. In the meantime, Seg was sucked into the Phantom Zone, something that (temporarily) seems to put the future births of Superman and Supergirl on hold.

"Kandor didn't get taken," executive producer Cameron Welsh told ComicBook.com after the Season 1 finale. "We established and probably repeated across the season the course of events that led to Krypton's destruction and ultimately to the birth of Superman. Those events have passed now, and so we're very much on a different timeline, so that cloud of inevitability that was perhaps hanging over the show, in terms of where it would always naturally end, has lifted. It's liberating. We're free from that and even though we've been saying it all along, hopefully now people will genuinely see that, on this show, literally anything can happen."


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The second season of Krypton is set to debut sometime in 2019 on Syfy.