'Titans' Photo Easter Egg Reveals That Beast Boy Is a Gamer

DC Comics riled up fans at San Diego Comic-Con this year when they released the trailer for Titans, a grim-and-gritty take on the classic superhero team complete with F-bombs and broken bones.

Now the new streaming service DC Universe is starting to unveil more details about Titans, including the young Beast Boy who appears to have more hobbies than beating up criminals and turning into animals. Based on this new photo, it appears that Beast Boy is a gamer.


Despite living what appears to be a life of squalor, young Garfield Logan does happen to have a few luxuries; clean clothes and a PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, it appears that he is missing a television to play his games on. We're also guessing he has a preference for digital — less clutter to carry around without all of those cases.

This appears to be a reference to Beast Boy actor Ryan Potter, a self-admitted gamer with his own dedicated following on Twitch. The actor streams regularly and interacts with his fans through his channel.

Like nearly everyone else not his planet, Potter is a fan of Fortnite, though he does also partake in sessions of Star Wars Battlefront 2 and H1Z1 from time to time.

Though he's busy with his role on Titans as well as voicing Hiro Hamada for Disney's Big Hero 6 franchise, he still takes time to support his colleagues. After co-star Anna Diop received harassment for her portrayal of Starfire in the Titans series, Potter spoke out against bullying at San Diego Comic-Con.


"There's a lot of fan cultures that I'm part of and fandoms I'm part of and ultimately if you're a fan of a project yeah, you're gonna take it apart to its core and you're gonna criticize it cause you, as a fan, love it and want it to be better and it could potentially be better but at the end of the day you don't harass the actors and actresses for being a certain race or being a certain character that doesn't make any sense to me," Potter said. "These people are doing a job. In this certain political climate that we live in people are allowed to say whatever they feel now and that is, that's the whole point of America, freedom of speech to a certain degree. You know, targeting, especially people of color online it's absolutely mind boggling to me that like this is acceptable."

Fans will get to see Potter's take on Beast Boy when Titans premieres DC Universe on October 12th.