Here's What Dave Bautista Could Look Like As Bane In 'Suicide Squad 2'

It is hard keeping up with all the hero news in Hollywood these days, but fans couldn’t ignore the recent new about Suicide Squad 2. Reports went live confirming James Gunn will pen and possibly direct the sequel. So, fans are wondering if Dave Bautista will join the project given his friendship with Gunn, and one artist knows who the star could play.

So, Tom Hardy can move over. The time is nigh for a brand-new Bane, and Bautista could do the honors.

Recently, Boss Logic hit up social media with a piece of stunning concept art featuring Bautista. As you can see below, the piece imagines what the star would look like as Bane, and the high-tech take has got fans begging for more.

The image riffs off a poster of Bautista as Drax. The star is given a washed one over, making his scarred skin a pallid grey. Dressed in black tactical pants, Bautista is given a black face mask with eye slits. Finally, a series of tubes are seen snaking around his torso, and they appear to be carrying a fluid comic fans will pick out real quick.

Looking at this iteration of Bane, Boss Logic pulled a look the villain used during his Suicide Squad tenure. Readers will remember the baddie was brought into the team by the end of Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag. Amanda Waller asked Bane to join the ranks, but he was ultimately betrayed by his team members. But, while he was on the team, Bane took on a new look featuring a tubing mechanism which constantly fed him Venom, the experimental drug he became addicted to when he was in prison.

So far, there is no word on whether Bane will have any part in this Suicide Squad sequel, but it could happen. According to reports, Gunn is supposed to give a “whole new take” on the franchise, so it would make sense to bring in new characters.

As for whether Bautista would join the film, the actor seems game. After word went public about Gunn’s shift to the DCEU, he took to Twitter to show his support.


“Where do I sign up,” the actor asked, leaving fans both curious and scared about whether Bautista would really leave Drax behind to follow Gunn to another superhero universe.

So, do you think Bautista would be a good fit for Bane? Or would you rather see him tackle a different DC Comics character? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!