'Shazam!' Star Zachary Levi Trolls 'Deadpool' Star Ryan Reynolds by Stealing His Parking Space

Marvel and DC are known for having passionate fans who take the dueling comics publishers' rivalry a little too seriously, while the stars of their films are much more playful about the "competition." Zachary Levi, who stars in the upcoming Shazam!, recently took to Instagram to admit that he stole Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds' parking spot at 20th Century Fox.

Levi shared an image of the sign that reserves Reynolds' spot while adding, "Bruh, don’t have me towed. I genuinely had to take a massive emergency shit and this was the only spot to pull over. Oh, also, I took a massive emergency shit in your bathroom. Might wanna hit that with some Febreeze, or burn it to the ground."

With both of the actors' on-screen personas having strong senses of humor, it makes even more sense that they perpetuate the supposed rivalry between Marvel and DC.

This is only the latest instance of someone in Shazam! trolling Marvel, with the DC film's director David F. Sandberg recently targeting the Marvel Cinematic Universe's upcoming Captain Marvel.

In the literary world, Fawcett Comics used the name "Captain Marvel" first in 1939. The character was the alter ego of Billy Batson, with the character's book outselling Superman up until the early '50s. When DC Comics started publishing the character's adventures in 1973, Marvel Comics had trademarked the name, forcing DC to create a new title for the series.

Sandberg shared on Twitter that he had an encounter with someone who confused the two superheroes, confirming, "Had my first 'Oh, Shazam! I love everything Brie Larson is in!'” while adding the #OriginalCaptainMarvel hashtag.

The tone of the film will reportedly embrace that playful sense of fun and adventure, as evidenced by early footage.


"It’s a lot of wish fulfilment and a lot of fun and a lot of heart and a lot of levity. I don’t know if anyone else felt this way, but when I was watching it [the trailer]… it delighted me," Levi shared at New York Comic Con. "I felt joy. I felt the way that I felt when I was a kid when I was watching The Goonies. There was something very adventure-y about it."

Fans can see that fun on full display when Shazam! hit theaters on April 5, 2019.